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   Chapter 474 Yan's Homicidal Intent (Part Two)

Apotheosis By En Ci Jie Tuo Characters: 5239

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After a while, Elder Xu's huge leaf reached the mountaintop and landed steadily on the platform. Zen stepped out from behind Elder Xu and stared at his sister in astonishment.

Brother and sister stood frozen as they locked eyes.

They had dreamed about their reunion thousands of times, but when it really happened, they were so surprised that they found it difficult to believe.

Elder Xu stood aside silently. Although he had witnessed many departures and reunions during his past life, he still felt touched by the scene. The world of martial arts was cruel, yet it didn't lack such warm moments between families.

"Brother!" Yan stood from the ground, rushed toward Zen, and threw herself into his arms without a second thought.

She hugged her brother tightly. She was so excited that she forgot that she was a sixteen-year-old girl instead of a little kid.

They had been separated for many years, and they had never thought that they would meet again in such a place and under these circumstances.

Zen stroked his sister's hair affectionately as complex emotions coursed through him. They enjoyed the joy of the reunion and hugged for a long time before pulling away and observing each other.

Over the years, Yan had grown as tall as Zen, and the little girl in his memories had changed into the beautiful young girl who now stood in front of him.

"Zen, how did you come here? It should have been prohibited. But Elder Xu has escorted you here." Yan asked. She knew that Zen had become an inner disciple as she noticed his black cloth

should I tell her?

I can't conceal the truth from her.

Even if I don't tell her now, she will find out, sooner or later.'

After hesitating for a while, Zen eventually said honestly, "Our uncles murdered him."

"W-w-what?" Yan stammered, shocked by the grievous news.

"Bryson and Ken were two ruthless beasts. They murdered our dad to steal the position of clan head," Zen explained in an icy cold voice.


The life vitality around Yan's body transformed into numerous sharp spines all of a sudden. Her Purple Power Body contained more life vitality than others at the same level. What was more, she absorbed energy from the air at a much higher speed. Owing to these two reasons, Yan didn't always keep all her life vitality inside her body as most people did. Sometimes, she even needed to spend some excessive vitality purposely.

And now, she used the life vitality around her body to form spines, which displayed the monstrous homicidal intent inside her and allowed her to vent her fierce emotions.

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