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   Chapter 472 Hidden Facts (Part Two)

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"Sir, I don't quite understand yet. If my sister is so important to Cloud Hall, why was she sent to Hell Mountain? Was it because of her great potential?" asked Zen.

Kenneth nodded but after a moment, also shook his head. With another defeated sigh, he continued, "Not just that. Apart from her aptitude in martial arts, she was gifted with a special peculiarity. Her body is suitable for energy storing. She has what is called the 'Purple Power Body'."

"Purple Power Body?" asked Zen with an arched brow.

He had never heard of such a thing.

"You heard me right. It's a special natural talent passed on by blood, inherited only by women. And when a woman of Purple Power Body enters the Internal Elixir Realm, her Internal Elixir is called the Purple Power Elixir—very different from the usual ones, and more powerful than that of common people. A woman with Purple Power in the Internal Elixir stage is someone far beyond her peers of both genders," explained Kenneth.

"I see…My sister is a remarkable woman, it seems. Do you mean someone is coveting her natural talent?

Can this Purple Power Body be taken by force?" asked Zen.

Now, he felt that he was finally close to the truth.

"Such a special talent is extremely rare—one in a trillion. And as only women can possess this particular skill..." Kenneth's countenance was severely serious as he continued, "There is one thing that can be taken from them—their virginity.

There's this overlord of the Central Region who wants to set out a Lustful Demon Array. To do so, he needs to find three women who have the Purple Power Body and they all have to be in the stage of the Internal Elixir Realm."

Virginity and lust…

As Zen heard the pair of words, his face turned darker and more furious.

Unlike normal cultivation methods, there were also evil techniques for one to refine the self and gain inner energy. These e

but not too long. The overlord already knows about Yan's talents and has paid quite a few visits to Cloud Sect. To protect Yan, we lied to him and said she was still in her confinement. If he happens to spot her outside of Hell Mountain, we'd be exposed. All of us, especially Yan, would be in severe trouble."

"I understand. Thank you for your advice, Sir. I'll go meet her now," he calmly said.

After the fierce struggle inside him, he restrained his anger and excitement. Too much caring and overthinking might lead to confusion when dealing with problems in the long term. Hearing about Yan's situation, Zen decided to keep his mind even. What he needed now wasn't to vent his anger but to find a solution to the problem.

"Elder Xu, take Zen to Hell Mountain," ordered Kenneth.

Following the command, Elder Xu summoned his transportation vehicle. An emerald green leaf of five square feet appeared beneath his boots. Urging Zen on, Elder Xu told him, "Stand on the leaf, Zen. I'll take you to Hell Mountain."

After bowing his head to Kenneth, Zen stepped on the leaf. Once he steadied himself, the leaf fluttered up and shot right up into the air.

The thought of seeing his sister made Zen's heart race in excitement—he could barely keep it in, now.

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