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   Chapter 471 Hidden Facts (Part One)

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How could Zen not be angry?

There were two important parts of his life—martial arts was the path on which he wished to harvest his achievements, and Yan was his most cherished, beloved little sister.

To make it to where he was, Zen had sacrificed a great deal only to suddenly be told that all he had done was in vain. The dream that once seemed so close to him slipped right through his fingers just before he could reach it. How on earth could he possibly take it easy?

Meeting Zen's eyes, Kenneth was neither fazed nor afraid. With a plain smile, he simply said, "You don't have to be so angry. Yan was imprisoned in Hell Mountain for a reason. And as her brother, you deserve to know why."

"Out with it, then," said Zen with a dark scowl at Kenneth, darting a fierce glare of hate.

Even though Kenneth was way stronger and more powerful than him, who was able to kill him in a single strike, at that moment, Zen didn't care one bit. Hatred and determination drove him, bolstering him to man up, showing no sign of cowardice.

"Yan is supposed to be the disciple in Cloud Sect with the greatest potential. As you know, not many female disciples enroll in Cloud Sect, leading to Lady Peak's depopulation. Among those girls, only a few are truly good. You see, Jill is one of the most talented there, and yet, she didn't get a very good result in the competition," said Kenneth slowly. Pausing for a moment, he caught Zen's attention. "But Yan is different.

Unlike those lesser girls, Yan possesses true talent. I have high expectations for her. I can see even greater potential in her than in you, Zen.

Do you know what our purpose is? Do you know why we bother to establish a Cloud Sect here in the Eastern Region?

We, Cloud Hall, aim to attract all the talents of the Eastern Region!

Once their true potential is identified, they would be sent to Cloud Hall for further learning. The world of warriors is a world where only the f

m. With all that, you might be able to free your sister from confinement. I believe that one day you will. But not now.

Right now, you're too weak. You haven't yet reached your full potential. You're too weak to achieve your dreams and too weak to save your beloved ones.

You may have amazing talent, but the world is vast and full of people with talent. There are many talented people but very few truly accomplished ones. Not many talents can survive the hardships and come out strong."

Kenneth's shots of 'too weak' at him made Zen's heart sink.

He couldn't help but be apprehensive.

Yan seemed to be in greater trouble than he thought and Kenneth didn't have a say in her release either.

Moreover, Kenneth's requirements sounded completely impossible.

Enter the Illuminating Soul Realm, and then step beyond it?

Become one of the Internal Elixir Realm warriors?

Such stages were out of Zen's reach. But he knew that Kenneth wasn't trying to humiliate him—Kenneth was trying to tell him how powerful the opponents were and how radical the challenges he would face if he were to set his sister free. Compared to Internal Elixir warriors, Zen's strength was like that of an ant. If they met in battle, he would be blown away like a grain of dust as he turned into literal ashes.

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