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   Chapter 470 Two Million Cubic Crystals

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Acalanatha's virtual shadow pushed Patrick's palm, and the result was equal to Tracy's grip as she aimed at Zen.

But obviously, Patrick's strength was more powerful.

His strength wasn't due to bloodline heritage but from Acalanatha's reincarnation.

On the golden palm were rows of Sanskrit flowing and spreading golden light continuously.

Feeling the power of the golden palm changed Rocher's expression. He finally escaped from Patrick's Samsara of Buddhism, but that meant suffering from the horrible pain.

He wondered, 'Is this Patrick's real strength?' Staring at the huge palm while gritting his teeth, Rocher borrowed more vitality from heaven and earth, and additionally, some of heaven's power. The sharper extreme thunder sword intent, from the bottom all the way up, tried to resist the palm.

This move would decide the victor and loser.

Rocher thought, 'If I win, it will be my pleasure; if I lose, it will be my destiny.'


The loud sound was a result of the golden palm meeting the blue thunder light, and this dazzling glow made it difficult for people to open their eyes because it felt like a star exploding in the competition field.

However, Zen, who was outside the competition field, was not one of them.

The light spots reflected on his brown pupils as he watched every movement of the two people fighting.

Shaking his head, Zen predicted, 'Rocher will be defeated.' Earlier, Rocher said his chance of winning over Patrick was fifty percent now, and this would increase to ninety percent once he entered the Illuminating Soul Realm. Rocher had clearly underestimated his opponent.

With his current strength, Rocher didn't even have a ten percent chance of winning against Patrick.

To be fair, Rocher had a fantastic breakthrough. He had comprehended the consummate sword intent and washed his blade in the Sword Washing Pool, the semi-sacred place.

And this strength should be enough to cover the shortage of his lower level. In other words, Rocher thought that if he stepped into the Illuminating Soul Realm, he had a ninety percent chance of beating Patrick. But he was quite naive to think that.

Acalanatha's reincarnation of Patrick was too powerful.

And this was quite disturbing.

If Rocher had a next better chance and broke into the Illuminating Soul Realm, he would probably have the strength to compete with Patrick.

The radiance on the competition field had disappeared. Rocher supported his shaky body with the Blood-corroding Sword. His lean, controlled face now had a sad look.

A youth confident of becoming more powerful with every battle suffered defeat repeatedly. He now seemed frustrated.

But frustration had a different effect for every individual.

There are extremely arrogant people whose dedication to martial arts is limited. So, once defeated, this kind of person easily breaks. Eventually, he would stop training and even suffer from mental problems, making it difficult to make a comeback for the rest of his life.

On the other hand, there are arrogant people with a stronger commitment to martial arts. Thus any setback only serves to develop their courage, and they practice harder for the future. These people seek

ertainly have so many cubic crystals to pay you," Zen explained.

With his current method, it would be so easy to make money.

Fifty drops of Heavenly Essence could be sold for 250 thousand cubic crystals at an auction. He refined only a hundred mysterious weapons and got hundreds of drops of Heavenly Essence.

Even if a large quantity of Heavenly Essence was on the market, and the price would go down, it was still not difficult to collect two million cubic crystals.

Furthermore, Zen could seek Wurth's assistance. It was believed that given Zen's current performance, he could get enough favors from the Zhang Clan. It would not be a problem to borrow two million cubic crystals from the clan. After all, they were the wealthiest family in the Eastern Region, and even the top seven noble clans were poor compared to the Zhang Clan.

Though Kenneth seldom showed up at Cloud Sect, he was very clear about the Eastern Region territory. If Zen was confident to take out two million cubic crystals, Kenneth could easily guess that it had something to do with the Zhang Clan. Otherwise, it would be impossible for the disciple to accumulate such a large fortune.

With Zen's current talent and strength, he had a very promising future and would be worth the investment of the Zhang Clan, Kenneth thought.

Finally, Kenneth sighed, "Alas..."


The young disciple was a jumble of nerves, but outwardly, he looked calm.

Since entering Cloud Sect, Zen was clear about his purpose: to save his sister and get her away from Hell Mountain at the soonest possible time.

If it was possible, Zen didn't want Yan to stay at that mountain one minute longer.

That was why he always strove for the one million points. Even if he had to spend some points in practicing cultivation methods, he only invested in himself when he had the confidence to earn more points.


"No. Even if you pay two million cubic crystals, which are one million points, you can't take her away," Kenneth said while shaking his head.

"Why?" Zen implored.

As he gritted his teeth, his heart raced faster and his eyes were slowly turning red.

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