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   Chapter 469 Acalanatha

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Either way, both possibilities worked in Zen's favor.

Now, on the Cloud Sect List, the only opponent left for Zen was Patrick.

Although Evan ranked first in the previous competition, he was still held up in a secluded place for cultivation. Usually, such cultivation period could either be long or short. With the level Evan reached, he would be staying in that place for three months at least or one year at most. Therefore, his chances of making an appearance at this All Peaks Competition were slim.

That was how Patrick ended up as the last disciple to compete Zen. If he was defeated, then Zen would rank first among the Cloud Sect disciples.

The match between Rocher and Patrick had generated a lot of interest.

While Zen previously defeated Rocher, it didn't mean he was a weak fighter or competitor, because it was really not easy to gain advantage in the competition with Zen, who was dubbed a monster for the manner he had beaten his opponents.

As far as the other disciples were concerned, it was unbelievable that a human at the second grade of the nature level could be so powerful, and the only way they could explain this was to say Zen was a monster.

For them, it made sense that a monster had some kind of super power that a human did not possess.

Both Rocher and Patrick had demonstrated great competence at the start, so the battle between them would be very fierce.

When the referee called their names, Patrick and Rocher walked to the battle ring.

Still keeping a low profile, Patrick said lightly, "Rocher, I've been waiting for this competition for a long time."

"Me too." Rocher nodded.

The two had been observing each other for a long time, so there was no need to say more.

After comprehending the consummate sword intent, Rocher had gone to the Sword Washing Pool to practice cultivation and his ability increased considerably. However, competing with Zen humbled him slightly and he had realized that no matter how powerful he was, there would always be someone more powerful than him.

On the other hand, Patrick appeared very modest and till now had not demonstrated his real competence yet. He was like a volcano in the heavy twilight.

Nobody knew what kind of power this volcano would unleash once it erupted.

It was Rocher who thrust his sword first. Using the Sword Steps, he immediately advanced towards Patrick.

In the beginning, they didn't use much strength and seemed to be thinking of suppressing each other with their skills. Obviously, Rocher had the advantage in this aspect because he had both sword and Sword Steps.

However, when Rocher was close enough to Patrick and was about to attack, he realized how wrong he was about his opponent.

Still without a weapon, and not even using the Samsara of Buddhism for this competition, Patrick was already powerful enough and could put up a good fight.

With the protection of golden lights flashing above his hands, he simply patted Rocher's sword with his bare hands.

"Bang! Bang! Bang..."

Twelve times Rocher thrust his sword, but Patrick's fighting speed never slowed down as he parried each thrust. Like scattered leaves in the wind, his big strong hands floated in the air and slapped at Rocher's blade.

Everyone was shocked w

en circle breaks, defeat is certain for Patrick!"

As minutes passed, it seemed like the golden circle was on the verge of collapse because more cracks were showing, and it even began shaking.

Taking advantage of the favorable situation, Rocher roared, "Break!"

This was instantly followed by a loud ripping sound.

The Extreme Thunder Sword Intent used by Rocher finally ripped the golden circle.

But the battle was not over yet. Patrick, who was now frowning, was suddenly bathed in golden light. He stretched his arms, and a shadow appeared behind him.

There was a slight gasp from the crowd as a Buddha emerged.

Unlike other Buddhas that were always smiling, this one looked like he was in a rage.

Buddhas generally had two expressions. He looked peaceful as he smiled while in meditation. On the other hand, when he wanted to teach wicked people a lesson or alert the masses to get rid of their sins, his face took on an aggressive look.

"It's Acalanatha!

How could Patrick summon Acalanatha?

Is he a descendant of Acalanatha?"

The questions were fired by one disciple, while others around him stared at him, thinking he was an idiot.

The Buddha was far different from the legendary beast.

Moreover, monks in temples were not allowed to be intimate with women, so it was impossible for them to sire an heir.

So how could a Buddha have any descendants?

Realizing he had said something wrong, the disciple's face flushed pink. "Maybe Patrick is the reincarnation of Acalanatha!" he suggested.

"Yes, that's probably it! Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to learn so many of the Buddhist cultivation methods!" another disciple shouted in agreement.

"No wonder he's so powerful!

He's the reincarnation of Acalanatha! Rocher is not likely to fight the shadow of Acalanatha!"

At this point, Patrick appeared calm. On the other hand, the shadow of Acalanatha behind him looked horrible with its angry expression.

"Acalanatha Palm!"

As Patrick cried out, he clasped his hands then pointed at the Extreme Thunder Sword Intent lightly. Then a palm appeared in the air before it swept towards the Extreme Thunder Sword Intent.

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