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   Chapter 468 Number One Peak

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There were many reasons why Zen admired Rocher. One of them was his humility.

Since Rocher was born from nothing, it wasn't always easy for him to stay grounded after he achieved great success in practicing.

Some disciples who were also born from nothing became extremely proud after having made some achievements. They regarded themselves as the pride of heaven. They thought that they were so virtuous and talented as if nobody on earth could beat them. Thus, they gradually slacked off in practicing. Even if they were talented disciples, their arrogance slowly diminished their will of martial arts--and they became just mediocre disciples with time.

However, Rocher wasn't conceited or rash. He still had a good attitude and state of mind even though Zen's performance had made him feel hopeless and desperate. He didn't feel discouraged at all. He even told Zen that he would try his best to follow in his footsteps even though he couldn't surpass him.

Maybe other people were more gifted than Rocher, but only a few of them were as benevolent as him.

Now, although Rocher had spoken modestly, his move with the sword wasn't modest at all. Zen wouldn't dare underestimate this move.

The Heavenly Sword of Rocher could originally use the extremely terrifying power of heavens. After he had comprehended the consummate sword intent, his sword intent became even fuller and fiercer.

More importantly, he had comprehended the power of thunder in the Sword Washing Pool!

Now, he had both the powers of thunder and the heavens!

When the two of them were combined, the power of the sword would be equal to the punishment of heaven!

Meanwhile, Zen's face stiffened in horror as he looked at the sword with the punishment from heaven.

The sword spirit, Lily, instantly spilt into small fragments of sword intent under Zen's control and attached herself to the Streamer Sword in Zen's hand.

In reality, Zen wasn't that skilled in controlling the sword spirit. If he could use the sword spirit well, he didn't need to attach Lily to the Streamer Sword after he called her out. He could attach her directly to the Streamer sword through his body.

However, it was just a skill. Zen would control it in time as he became better in using the sword spirit.

Lily's malicious aura was quite strong, and it was unknown how many creatures she had killed to have such a powerful malicious aura.

When she stood next to Zen, she was able to contain all of the malicious aura in her body. However, the strong and fierce malicious aura suddenly burst out when she was attached to the Streamer Sword.

A butcher who slaughtered cows and pigs everyday would have an increasing amount of malicious aura in his body as time passed. This kind of aura was relatively weak, and only sensitive people could feel it. Others wouldn't say he looked murderous, but most people couldn't feel this kind of weak malicious aura anyway.

Dogs were always the most sensitive to the malicious aura. It was why they always barked at butchers when they saw them on the street. The malicious aura that emanated from the butchers made the sensitive dogs quite afraid.

Thus, it followed that malicious aura posed a threat to creatures. It h

s if they were in a sweet dream. If so, they hoped that they would never wake up from the dream.

The next and last opponent Zen had to fight was Patrick.

So far, no one had pushed Patrick to do his best in the competitions. He was the top disciple in Cloud Sect, only next to the extraordinarily talented Evan. It wasn't easy to gauge his real strength.

Zen clearly knew that it would be tough to win against Patrick in their upcoming competition.

Before he had comprehended the consummate sword intent, he wasn't that positive about his fight against Patrick. But now he had comprehended it, and the sword spirit Lily boosted his confidence in the competition.

However, it was still hard for Zen to determine what his chances were.

After all, he didn't know Patrick's real strength, and he didn't have a reference to measure it.

He just hoped that there would be someone powerful to fight against Patrick first.

Unfortunately, only a few disciples had the ability to challenge Patrick. Wing was a man of great power, but Patrick defeated him in a second. Jacques was powerful too, but Zen had already swallowed up his flood dragon bone spear so he couldn't do his best to fight Patrick anymore. As for Tracy, Zen thought that she wouldn't go all out to fight Patrick and surrender instead--although she tried her best and activated the body of the Blue Phoenix when she fought against him.

However, to Zen's surprise, Tracy was picked in the draw lots to compete against Patrick on the battlefield.

Just as Zen had guessed, Tracy cheerfully surrendered as soon as they got on the battlefield.

'The girl is only cruel when she fights against me!' Zen thought and shook his head.

Fortunately, the Lord expressed his wish to look after Zen. Thus, the referee drew lots again after Tracy surrendered, and Patrick's name was drawn once more.

This time, he was slated to compete against Rocher!

A smile formed on Zen's lips. Not everyone could force Patrick to do his best in the competition, but Rocher was the best man for the job.

However, Zen wondered how long Rocher would last, or if he could directly defeat Patrick.

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