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   Chapter 467 Follow The Genius' Steps (Part Two)

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But Zen's destiny was obviously too good! Even Elder Xu felt jealous in his heart. Normally, with his powerful strength and temperament as a high-level refiner, he could have dealt with any unexpected case in front of him calmly. Someone had even joked that he would not have blinked his eyes even when the mountains fell down. But this time, Elder Xu could not maintain his calmness. Such a supreme talent and luck had made nearly everyone feel jealous.

Even someone as calm as Patrick also felt surprised to see Zen's progress. His eyes sparkled and when he saw the sword spirit, he sprang out of his meditation. Normally, the essential condition of cultivating Buddhist method was to stay calm and hold an even temper. Patrick had a very fine temper and could be considered an outstanding Buddhist refiner. However, he could not keep his usual calm nature at this moment.

His story just now was like a monk who had chanted sutras all day long and lived a regular life. He would wake up in the morning with the sound of the bell in his temple and end his day after hearing the pounding of the drums. He would care the least about the wealth, relationship and love in the world. Buddhism was his whole life. He was sincere in his prayers and hoped that one day he could inherit Buddhism. But one day, his quiet life was broken. A small monk had come to the temple and it had not taken him long time to come across Buddha and receive the inheritance from Buddha.

So, on encountering this kind of thing, Patrick could only laugh bitterly and at the same time, secretly scolded in his heart, 'Fuck! This is unfair.'

Besides, Tracy was also pestering Patrick, continuously barraging him with questions, "Patrick, what on earth is that? I feel that she is not a real human! How could this woman appear so suddenly?"

Owing to her divine legendary beast blood, Tracy's instinct was sensing that Lily wasn't human and might be special. She could identify that Lily was not a real human, but she could not know what Lily actually was.

"That is a sword spirit!" Patrick was getting a little impatient by her non-stop inquiries and told her directly.

"Oh, really?" Sensing his impatient mood, Tracy pouted her lips. She did not know why Patrick was unhappy. How could he be unhappy? The sword spirit was not a special thing that they had never heard of before. How could it make Patrick's tempe

word cultivation method. He would have been able to gain more if he had practiced his sword intent there. However, he did not have a choice. It all depended on his fate. It was always sacred sites which chose a person, and not the other way around. He, Rocher, was not qualified at all!

"You are too strong, Zen. I thought that I might not be as strong as Patrick before, but I always believe that I could catch up with him one day. But you, Zen, you are the first person whom I don't have the confidence that I can catch up with." Rocher murmured, with a sad look in his face. "However," he kept speaking, "there are too many talents in this world. The number is too big for me to imagine. Maybe I can be considered a genius in the Eastern Region but nothing in the Central Region! But I want to catch up with you. Even if I cannot keep pace with you, my efforts will help me achieve more progress!"

If he could not catch up with a genius, then he would probably follow the genius' steps closely.

It was not hard to figure out that Rocher had a good temperament. At least, he was not driven mad by jealousy and had not generated a private demon in his heart, which would have definitely blocked his road of refinement.

"Therefore, even though I know it is hard for me to win, I still want to continue our fight! I will insist on my sword refinement and will never give up!" After saying that, he raised his Blood-corroding Sword. He summoned his life vitality to drive the thunder and lightning flow around his sword and displayed the consummate sword intent. In this way, he stabbed at Zen.

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