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   Chapter 466 Follow The Genius' Steps (Part One)

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Lily's features and appearance weren't consistent with an average person.

Her hair looked softer, and there was a fresh and young aura about her with a cropped beveled fringe.

Under those soft thin locks of hair resided her white and delicate face. With all parts of her face exactly matching with each other, she was highly attractive and beautiful. Right now, her pretty face was expressionless. But it could be imagined just how charming she would be if she started smiling.

Her costume was completely different from what was usually worn in the Eastern Region. Even the Central Region wouldn't have been bold enough like her. Unlike the conservative style of women across those regions, her dress style was much more open and bolder. For example, the upper armor she wore only covered her upper chest, showing her good figure and shape. Her bare waist looked even more slender under the armor she wore. Her long and slender legs were also visible in the short dress she wore. Even though her height was similar to that of Zen, she looked taller because of the differing ratios of their figures and her slender legs.

It had to be said that Lily, with her amazing figure and remarkable face, had perfectly copied the appearance of that lady from the Demon Night. She looked vividly beautiful even with her stiff expression. Almost every single member of the audience was baffled by her good looks and sudden appearance. Instead of trying to venture a guess to the identity of this beautiful lady, they were confused about from where this lady had come from.

There were also several spectators who were following the competition from outside the arena. For example, in Lady Peak, a large picture slab had been kept in the center of the hall.

Normally, the female disciples of Cloud Sect were more fastidious about their environment than male disciples. An example of it could be seen at Drizzle Peak where the disciples had just put the Picture Slab on the muster station. The muster station was full of dust, but they didn't mind and were now around the Slab to see the direct broadcast of the competition.

On the contrary, the female disciples of Lady Peak had cleaned the hall and put pi

nly appear and why is she standing by Zen?' Nina had many questions to ask, but it was obvious that none of the people around her could answer those.

She was not the only one to have such inquiries.

Actually, almost no one could understand what was going on and wanted to ask, 'Who on earth is that girl? How could she appear like a ghost out of nowhere without any sound and sign?'

Even some saints who were present could not understand what had happened!

"Sword spirit! A sword spirit with a body! Elder Xu, don't tell me that Zen has just obtained this sword spirit! And don't say that this sword spirit is a newly formed one!" Kenneth murmured, with his eyes fixed upon the girl in the arena.

Hearing the remarks from Kenneth, Elder Xu felt speechless and depressed. He didn't know what to say and therefore, did not respond directly. However, he also complained in his heart, 'What else can I tell you? Can't you see everything clearly by yourself? You also know that a swordsman needs to comprehend the sword intent completely before he can condense his sword spirit. And it normally takes years of time for the sword spirit to be condensed into a human shape. And only remarkably amazing swordsmen with extreme talents can do that after years of training. Some swordsmen in the past could not condense their sword spirits even though they have completely mastered the sword intent.' Apart from Elder Xu's arguments, one's destiny also played a big role.

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