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   Chapter 465 Sword Washing Pool (Part Two)

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The greatest gain he had achieved in his epiphanic state was to establish a connection with the Killing Sword Mountain. This wouldn't have been visible immediately to the audience but he would feel the effects. After he had practiced the killing sword skill, the benefits of that connection would appear and increase gradually. His second greatest gain was the sword spirit. Born with powerful malicious aura, Lily had now become a great battle force that Zen could rely on as soon as she came into being.

But he hadn't let Lily appear in front of the public just yet. She was hidden inside Zen's mind, and her aura naturally did not spill over. Therefore, no one noticed that there was an entirely new person hidden inside him.

Rocher's sword intent overflowed for a long time, and then slowly calmed and restored. Rocher took a deep breath and let it out slowly. A peaceful and delighted smile appeared on his face. With Rocher's grave character, such a happy expression could indicate only one thing: that he had gained a lot in his sleep.

That he had!

As soon as he had understood the consummate sword intent, he had been pulled into a place called the Sword Washing Pool!

As someone who was crazy about swords and intents and legends, Rocher had paid special attention to the stories of the masters. The Sword Washing Pool had been mentioned in a book he had read. The book had said it was a semi-holy place.

So, on finding himself granted an opportunity to go into the Sword Washing Pool, how could he restrain his excitement? After all, only a very small number of people among the tens of millions of swordsmen would have received such an opportunity. Not everyone would have managed to perfect the sword intent and even if they did, they weren't sure to be allowed to enter the semi-holy land to improve their sword intent.

Cultivating in the Sword Washing Pool could not only improve his sword intent, but could also add a special attribute to it.

So Rocher had dipped his sword into the Sword Washing Pool and began to practice his intent.

After a long ti

e benefits than Zen did. When Zen woke up from the epiphany, he showed no signs of a sharp increase in strength. And Rocher emitted lightning himself. It seems that Zen has clearly not gained much from the epiphany," A third one remarked.

The state of epiphany was a great opportunity for the martial art refiners but not everyone was sure to reap remarkable benefits from it. Anything could happen in that state. Sometimes, people entered the state of epiphany, but ended up getting nothing helpful from it. Stories like this could be found everywhere.

Rocher raised his Blood-corroding Sword slightly. After he had understood the consummate sword intent, every sword cyclone around him was more and more aggressive now, and there was a trace of thunder and lightning hidden inside them. Rocher knew clearly that the power of thunder and lightning he had obtained from the Sword Washing Pool was by no means ordinary. They were definitely more powerful than any mortal man could imagine.

He was confident that he could defeat Zen this time.

As Rocher was building up the power of his sword with full confidence, Zen called upon the sword spirit in his mind. Lily faded into existence gradually at his side.

"Wait what...! There is another person inside the arena! And she is a beauty! Where did she come from? What happened? What's going on?" A disciple shouted out uncontrollably.

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