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   Chapter 464 Sword Washing Pool (Part One)

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The higher one could insert his sword in the mountain, the greater his benefit would be. It wasn't easy though.

Anyone who came here would obviously try his best and insert the sword at the top of the Killing Sword Mountain. This would ensure maximum benefit, but only if it was so easy! One needed to go through several challenges to defeat the sword intent hidden in those swords. There was only one path to the top of the mountain, and the sword intents were on that path. Zen had to defeat them.

However, he clearly knew that he couldn't win over the sword spirit of next sword, as it was too powerful, so his only option was to throw the sword to the mountaintop.

This was a mystical area and no one knew whether Zen was the first person to do so since the Killing Sword Mountain had been made. However, if he had succeeded, his sword would have landed higher in the mountain.

Deciding that throwing was his only option, he chose it. Zen was born with superhuman strengths. When he threw his sword, he also activated all the power in the dragon's scales.

The Streamer Sword, under his power and the dragon's too, drew a bright silver arc of light in the air as it hurled in a parabolic path, almost like a meteor streaking over countless sacred weapons. It soared upwards and far!

With the extreme initial velocity, it took the sword three breaths of time to lose its upward power and begin falling towards the earth. Then it slammed into the middle of the mountain ridge, where the top grade sacred weapons were stuck. As a lower grade fairy weapon, the Streamer Sword was clearly visible among them, like a lion in a zebra herd.

Seeing this scene, the cyan dragon paused for a moment, too astonished to speak. The Killing Sword Mountain was a special sacred place and it had its own rules, which everyone had to follow. Breaking them would mean immediate expulsion. Powerful as the cyan dragon was, he dared not to help Zen from the beginning to the end lest he broke the rules and was punished. And Zen'

ion places in the world. He couldn't know where Rocher had been taken and why he hadn't woken up yet.

However, just at that moment, Rocher opened his eyes suddenly.

As his eyelids flickered and his pupils came into focus, there was a sudden outbreak of fierce sword intent from his body. It formed a huge cyclone into the sky, and several flashes of terrible lightning and thunder loomed into the air, traveling across the cyclone.

"Is there a kind of thunder power in Rocher's sword intent?" Zen's eyes narrowed slightly, a little surprised. The blue lightning Rocher was emitting seemed quite powerful. Combined with Rocher's sword intent, the lightning was emitting a faint trace of natural law.

"It looks so powerful, almost like true lightning in the sky! Alas, I envy Rocher having such a great opportunity. He had an enormous breakthrough and all he did was sitting there for two hours. How do I find myself opportunities like that?"

"Don't even think about it. You wouldn't be able catch up with him even if he hadn't mastered the consummate sword intent! Now he is even more powerful."

"Would you look at that? Zen has also grasped the consummate sword intent, but he seems to have gained less power. When he woke up, he didn't burst out such an eye-catching effect."

Zen smiled as he heard the audiences' remarks.

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