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   Chapter 463 The Cheating (Part Two)

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However, the swordsman who entered the Killing Sword Mountain was able to store his malicious aura in it! In this way, he could avoid the damage caused by the malicious aura, which was the main purpose of the Killing Sword Mountain. It was also the reason why the Killing Sword Mountain was considered a sacred place for swordsmen.

The lucky swordsman, who inserted his sword into a place of high altitude, could deposit and withdraw more malicious aura.

This was Zen's first time at the Killing Sword Mountain. To be able to enter Killing Sword Mountain was already a matter of great luck for him. It was unknown whether he would be able to enter the Killing Sword Mountain again. Maybe a person only got one opportunity to access the mountain. It was possible that even after making a huge breakthrough, Zen might not be able to enter the Killing Sword Mountain.

Just like Iceni, perhaps his strength was now very strong, and according to general knowledge, he was supposed to insert his sacred weapon higher than on the edge of the ridge. However, he did not get the chance to enter the Killing Sword Mountain, so his sacred weapon could only be firmly inserted on the edge of the ridge, without any higher improvement.

So this time, Zen was determined to insert his sword in a higher place.

When attacked by the spirit of the sacred weapon, Zen did not reserve his strength. He exercised his highest martial arts and top-grade weapon.

The people who owned sacred weapons were influential enough to rule a region. According to Zen, Iceni might have had strength equivalent to that of people like the top leader of the Cloud Hall.

Even if the sacred weapon contained the sword spirit and only a little of Iceni's spirit, it would be difficult for Zen to defeat him even after employing all his skills.

"Ice Freeze All! Just watch me freeze you!" Iceni's spirit said arrogantly.

Then, he summoned the sword spirit to attack Zen.

se sacred weapons. This is an outstanding achievement," the cyan dragon said slowly. "Equally, I am afraid that you won't be able to defeat the next sword no matter how hard you try."

A sacred weapon not far from Zen flashed a golden light. It was a broad-edge sword that was wider than Zen's body and over seven feet long. To be able to handle such a sword, the master must be a colossus. What stressed Zen more was that on the surface of the broad-edge sword, there was still a hint of reddish energy. If Zen guessed correctly, that energy would be malicious aura that had been compressed to an extreme extent. Even a simple glimpse of the sword was terrifying to Zen.

Zen was self-aware. He knew that with his current strength and the malicious aura of his sword spirit, he was able to defeat Iceni's sword spirit, and to walk up the ridge. Indeed, this was a good result and perhaps, the best he could do at the moment.

However, Zen did not seem to be ready to stop at this point.

He took two steps back and gripped the Streamer Sword firmly. Then, with a deep breath, he sprinted forward.

"Zen, oh, my..." the cyan dragon in Zen's mind said helplessly. He knew exactly what Zen was planning on doing.

Since he hadn't made a successful breakthrough, Zen threw his sword forward hard.

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