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   Chapter 462 The Cheating (Part One)

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Killing aura was also referred to as the malicious aura.

The gestures and expressions of soldiers and bandits, who had killed many people with their swords and knives, were filled with a malicious aura. As they had murdered numerous people, they were bound to be tainted with this killing aura.

Sometimes, the killing aura was so powerful that it could confuse the human mind and distract them on the battlefield.

If a person were corrupted with an intense killing aura, it would negatively affect his martial arts cultivation. At a critical time, that person could also be possessed by his inner demon and be trapped in the endless thought of killing methods forever.

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Trent Yu. He hailed from the Yu Clan, one of the top seven noble clans in the Eastern Region. Trent Yu practiced these killing methods. As he increased his practice in killing methods, Trent Yu's character turned increasingly cruel, and his killing means also became more vicious. In a short while, he had massacred innumerable people at random.

At first, the Yu Clan protected Trent Yu. After all, at that time, all things were dominated by power and strength, and the practice of killing methods had obvious benefits to the promotion of strength. In fact, its power was extremely terrifying. According to Trent Yu's growth rate, he would soon become the backbone of the Yu Clan. Therefore, they allowed Trent Yu to kill randomly.

However, as time went by, Trent Yu killed more and more people, and once, he even killed two men from the Yu Clan. Then, the members of the Yu Clan realized that Trent Yu had gone crazy and that the killing aura had entirely dominated him. He had, by then, become an egoistic killing machine.

Sadly, by the time they learned of the facts, it was already too late. The power of the Yu Clan was insufficient to arrest Trent Yu. Thus, the Yu Clan united with the other six top noble clans

is killing aura, kind of like real banks in the Eastern Region where a person could deposit and withdraw cubic crystals.

Also, according to the rules of the Killing Sword Mountain, the higher the place where the sword was inserted, the more malicious aura the swordsman could deposit and withdraw!

It was necessary to know that the killing aura was a very valuable asset, and it was also called the malicious aura. When it was used to drive many cultivation methods, it would significantly improve a disciple's power. Especially when a disciple was practicing a unique cultivation method that would use malicious aura, it would generate an oddly good effect.

For example, if a streak of malicious aura could increase the power of a cultivation method by one degree, then two streaks could double the power of the cultivation method, and so on.

However, there was always a limit to the malicious aura owned by disciples who practiced the killing method. Moreover, they needed to be careful about being attacked by the malicious aura and to prevent themselves from being controlled by their inner spirit demon.

Therefore, the practice of killing method was regarded as a double-edged sword! Powerful though it was, it could at any moment cause damage to anyone who practiced it.

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