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   Chapter 461 Killing Way (Part Two)

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Everyone aspired to stick their sword in a higher place.

Because the higher the ground where it was embedded, the more resources a person could collect from the Killing Sword Mountain.

However, resources of the Killing Sword Mountain were limited. The situation was no different from that of the Cloud Sect.

And this was why all the weapons at the foot of the mountain, including mysterious, spiritual, and fairy weapons, would release their sword spirits to prevent other climbers. One could only climb the mountain step by step using his own strength until he reached a higher place. That was the way to obtain more resources.

The blue figure's remarks had Zen raising his eyebrows while his face became long with worry.

Grateful to be given the opportunity to reach the Killing Sword Mountain, Zen vowed to climb as high as possible.

He had been fighting hard to pass the mountainside with the help of the sword spirit. Why would he stop here?

If a man could have a sacred weapon, even a low level one, it was impossible for Zen to defeat him in real life. And even someone like Kenneth Shi, who was the head of the Cloud Sect, strong as he was, could not beat such a man in their real world.

But this was the Killing Sword Mountain now. What the man actually had was only a sword and a small part of his soul.

How could Zen back off from here?

"I don't want to stick my sword here. I have a higher target," Zen declared.

A smile formed on the blue figure's face. "You have a higher goal?

You, a young man at grade two of the nature level?

I was aiming for the top of the Killing Sword Mountain! But I discovered I was not as strong as I had expected a

it. I also have my sword spirit, yet I am here completely. Are you so sure you can prevent me from going on?" With a cold smile, the young disciple started to stir his sword. He refused to listen to the garrulous blue figure. What he wanted was to cut this blue image and its sword spirit into pieces as soon as possible.

"You arrogant young man! I have lived hundreds of years and practiced sword skills for as many years. My understanding of sword skills is beyond your imagination or comprehension. I am strong enough to stop you!" Suddenly, there appeared a bright blue light from the sword of the blue figure. Together with the bright blue light were cold currents. With the metal blade completely wrapped in icy currents, it was freezing but gave off an extreme killing intent!

With just enough arrogance, Zen sneered at the blue figure and remarked, "After hundreds of years, you're still here on the edge of the mountain ridge. Your strength is just so-so!" Without warning, Zen used his sword spirit. And instantly, Zen's Streamer Sword produced a strong killing intent.

And this one seemed to have the sense of hell.

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