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   Chapter 460 Killing Way (Part One)

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The girl could be described as perfect in every sense.

But Zen, ever so keen, noted there were still slight differences between the girl and ordinary human beings. Her ears, for one, were unusual.

These were long and slender, and unlike most ears, their top had an acute angular shape. Instead of human ears, hers resembled those of a cat's. Still, the girl appeared quite charming. Another distinction was her legs or the length of them. Hers were longer than most women's, but went perfectly with the rest of her body.

"Who set the rules anyway that only a human being can look this way?

Demon Night has always been like this. In their eyes, it is the human beings who have the similar appearance to theirs," the cyan dragon said slowly.

"This girl is actually alive, isn't she?" Zen wondered aloud.

His mind was full of questions, but this was the first he voiced out.

The cyan dragon nodded and replied, "Each sword in the Killing Sword Mountain has an owner, and all the owners are alive. In case anyone dies, their swords will be buried deep in the mountain. Since the woman's sword is here, she is probably somewhere out in the world."

At the cyan dragon's words, Zen stared at the girl with a weird expression on his face.

That meant his sword spirit had transformed into a girl of Demon Night for some unknown reason. How would it be if he met the real person in the future?

Of course, the likelihood of that ever happening was very small.

According to the cyan dragon, Demon Night did not exist in the same world inhabited by Zen.

"I would like to name my sword spirit Lily," he said with a smile.

There was a slightly whimsical tone in his voice.

Cultivating his sword spirit in such a short time was a big help in boosting Zen's strength. At least the sword spirit could serve as a support, helping Zen go further up on the Killing Sword Mountain.

It was a spiritual connection that Zen

It wasn't a mystical thing like other spirits but seemed to have a life of its own. And then the sword spirit opened its mouth and began to talk!

"What? A young man at the second grade of the nature level can break into the mountain ridge?" The blue figure spoke with a tone of disbelief.

Taken aback, Zen raised his eyebrows in question while keeping the sword in his hand. This time, he spoke, "You're just a sword spirit. Why can you talk?

You look like there's some part of your soul there!"

This figure amazed Zen. He had killed so many mature sword spirits, some of whom could shape themselves. But all of them only had dull appearances. While they were extremely competent in the practice of sword skills, Zen still managed to defeat them because they couldn't think for themselves.

But this blue figure standing before him could not only talk but even feel surprised. Apparently, it had a soul, however little, and a mind of its own.

"I can't understand it. How a person at grade two of the nature level can successfully pass the mountainside and end up here," the blue figure looked confused, and his brows furrowed with concern. Inhaling, he said, "But this is the end of your climb. You can stick your sword here. There is no place for your weapon if you go farther."

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