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   Chapter 459 Sword Spirits

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"The world is so vast and full of wonders beyond your imagination. If you can truly climb to the top of martial arts, naturally, you will be able to appreciate some of these wonders, but… It's just too difficult. Even the Demon Night, a race so naturally powerful, is nothing compared to the various races across the world," heaving a sigh, the cyan dragon shook his head.

'Such a powerful race is nothing in the context of the whole world?' Zen was shocked.

Having realized that he had exaggerated a bit, the cyan dragon quickly added, "But even though mankind has some innate weaknesses, they can still achieve great things. You don't need to feel dejected. In light of your talent, luck, and…" he trailed off. Although he wanted to mention the mysterious smelting surface, he eventually stifled the thought and said instead, "You may still have a shred of hope to reach the peak."

At that moment, Zen's sparkling eyes caught the cyan dragon's attention. It was as if stars were gleaming in his bright orbs—the dragon could tell that he was looking forward to the challenges in the days to come.

'This kid didn't listen to a word I said…'

Zen's reaction brought the cyan dragon a hint of gloom.

As a member of the immortal dragon race, he had not had a taste of melancholy for who knew how many years.

In the end, all he could do was shake his huge head. 'Perhaps I did underestimate this young man.'

Just then, Zen flickered his eyes on the mysterious weapon left by the Demon Night and said, "Cyan dragon, I am a man of humble birth. Though I've had my achievements in Cloud Sect, I won't be complacent or gloat about what I've done, nor will I stop working hard so I can eventually live an easy life! We, humans, have a will to persevere and keep taking steps forward, even against a crowd of a thousand men.

Whatever or whoever gets in my way ahead, I will overcome them!"

'Merely a thousand men?'

Almost like instinct, the cyan dragon wanted to retort.

But Zen continued to explain. "Of course, this doesn't only refer to the literal figure. It's inevitable—I'm going to have to challenge countless strong creatures in the world, the talents among maybe thousands, millions, or even trillions of creatures!"

Since ancient times, there were those who shot for the stars always, without a doubt, had extraordinary talent and great perseverance.

As Zen grew up, he encountered astonishing geniuses, one after another, and his horizon grew wider and wider. The martial artist had met Jacques, Rocher, Patrick, and many more.

The stronger his opponent was, the firmer his aspiration became to climb to the peak of martial arts.

In the eyes of the cyan dragon, Zen's current power was like that of a tiny ant, maybe even less. However, the man's burst of resolution and desire to dominate reached the dragon's heart.

'This little guy is pretty interesting. It's a shame…it would be delightful if I could wake my third brother and discuss this with him. Well, let's just wait and see, ' muttered the dragon in his head. As a matter of fact, the nine dragons came from the same clan.

Somehow, they had turned into sculptures and stationed themselves around the mysterious smelting furnace. Now that the furnace entered Zen's mind, the nine dragons naturally followed.

As far as first impressions went, the cyan dragon did not think very highly of Zen. Judging by his standards, Zen seemed rather mediocre in all aspects. To the dragon's surprise, h

'What on earth is going on?

I've never seen this woman…so why have my sword spirits transformed into such a shape?'

Zen was left utterly bewildered.

Staring at this beautiful human-shaped sword spirit, Zen just couldn't figure it out.

If he could choose, he certainly wouldn't let his sword spirits transform into a woman—it was too awkward. The problem was that the transformation of sword spirits was very different from the transformation of life vitality. Life vitality's transformation was shaped by the practitioner's subjective mind. Sometimes, when a practitioner was halfway through the process and was unsatisfied with the figure, he could easily undo it and begin reshaping life vitality in his mind again. It wasn't a big deal, and many people were capable of doing it.

However, the shape of sword spirits was not up to the practitioner himself. Instead, it was formed by the many sword spirits inside the practitioner at the specific time it was being shaped.

Thus, the practitioner had no control over its shape.

At the sight of Zen's baffled look, the cyan dragon snickered.

"Cyan dragon…what the hell is happening?" Not understanding why it turned out like this, Zen had to ask the dragon.

"If I'm not mistaken, this woman your sword spirits turned into is the owner of that sword," the dragon replied blandly.


No way…" At the dragon's explanation, Zen turned pale with fright. "The Demon Night aren't human beings…are they?

Why does she look like this?

Even fairer than humankind?"

By men's aesthetic standard, this woman constituted by all the sword spirits looked nearly perfect at every angle.

Zen's experiences had brought him face-to-face with demons, ogres, and the like. The appearance of ogres was fairly acceptable to Zen. As for the demons he ran up against in the White Emperor City…well...that picture was too horrible. If a weak-hearted man glanced at it, he would probably have nightmares.

When Zen heard about this race from the cyan dragon, he thought that since it was called the 'Demon' Night, they should look like the demons he was used to facing—perhaps with more mouths or pairs of eyes.

To his total astonishment, this woman from the Demon Night was utterly gorgeous—she was even more impeccable than human beings in several aspects.

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