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   Chapter 458 Demon Night

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Within seconds of facing the sword intents released by the low-grade mysterious weapons, the Streamer Sword in Zen's hand flashed brilliant silver lights. In the next instant, the sword intents were smashed to pieces.

Zen continued to walk after breaking the sword intents.

Now he faced the sword intents released by middle-grade mysterious weapons. The sword intents from middle-grade weapons were more powerful than those of low-grade mysterious weapons.

Regardless, Zen's sword intent destroyed the sword intents from the middle-grade weapons.

Zen walked briskly on the road leading to the mountain. The sword intents from the mysterious weapons had failed to block Zen's way.

Every time Zen smashed the sword intent from a sword, the sword would immediately become obedient. It would stop vibrating and emit dots of light that resembled fireflies. These dots of light would then rush into Zen's body.

At first, Zen tried to avoid the light dots. But when he found that there was no escape and that they posed no threat to him, he gave up dodging them.

"What are these light dots?" Zen asked.

"Haha. These light dots are the spirits of the swords. The swords have spirits hidden in them. They are the embryos of the sword beasts. But the low-grade mysterious weapons and middle-grade mysterious weapons contain only a few sword spirits. You can accumulate them little by little. When you get enough sword spirits, your sword will cultivate a sword beast." The cyan dragon clarified.

So that explained it!

The more sword intents he killed, the larger the number of sword spirits he would accumulate.

The Killing Sword Mountain was not very big. Within a short while, Zen had smashed the sword intents from numerous low-grade and middle-grade mysterious weapons. When he reached the foot of the mountain, Zen encountered high-grade mysterious weapons.

The sword intents from high-grade mysterious weapons were easy to destroy despite being stronger and sharper than the previous sword intents he had encountered.

As Zen strode forward, the Streamer Sword in his hand glowed like a silver-white ribbon, strangling and slashing sword intents around him.



As sword intents were smashed one by one, swords fell by Zen's feet, and colorful sword spirits dashed toward him.

As Zen walked past the foot of the mountain, he crossed the region with low-grade spiritual weapons and reached the range of high-grade spiritual weapons. He was nearing the mountainside now.

"The Killing Sword Mountain is not as difficult to conquer as it seems," Zen said as he looked at the mountainside that he was approaching.

Hearing Zen's words, the cyan dragon realized that he had probably given Zen too much hope. He chuckled and said, "Yes, it's easy because of your abilities. The owners of these swords were at least at the level of consummate sword intent. You have an advantage as your sword intent is more consummate and stronger than their sword intents, and relatively, you will feel easier when climbing the mountain. However, as strong and sharp as your sword intent may be, you are able to climb to the half-way up the mountain at best. This is your first time climbing the Killing Sword Mountain, and your performance is not bad so far."

Not bad...

As the cyan dragon's comment sank in, Zen realized that his achievement was only slightly above average.

But Zen didn't plan to stop and stick his sword into the ground there. He needed to challenge

d, only real strength mattered. No matter how strong one's heart was, reality would show a person how cruel life could be.

Moreover, the rules of the Killing Sword Mountain were very rigid. The cyan dragon was forbidden from helping. Therefore, Zen could only rely on himself.

In such a case, how was Zen supposed to cross the range of fairy weapons and climb up to the ridges?

"Huh! There is a low-grade mysterious weapon!" Zen's eyes brightened as he found a low-grade mysterious weapon on the mountainside. The hilt of the sword was very common and in a style similar to that of a standard military long sword. It didn't appear special.

However, two words, "Demon Night" were carved on the hilt.

"Look at this. Now explain to me why it is impossible for me to reach the ridges? Someone inserted a low-grade mysterious weapon on the mountainside!" Zen said while pointing at the low-grade treasured sword.

It stood out among the fairy weapons around it.

The cyan dragon was also very surprised. He smiled and said, "Oh, it is from the Demon Night. It's no wonder that they can insert a low-grade mysterious weapon here on the mountainside."

"The Demon Night?" Zen asked curiously. He didn't know what the name on the hilt stood for.

"The people from the Demon Night are different from humans. It would be fair to say that this race surpasses most of the species. They are the group with the most horrible strength! It is said that the children from Demon Night race begin cultivating while they are in their mother's womb. That way, when they are born, even though they are new-born babies, these children are full-blooded and with strength equivalent to humans at nature level. In other words, they are born as nature creatures." The cyan dragon smiled lightly.

"Born as nature creatures…" Zen gasped in astonishment.

Countless human warriors practiced martial arts for decades and stubbornly overcame all challenges regardless of cost to them, with the purpose of entering the natural level. Zen didn't expect that such a species existed where babies were born at the nature creature level!

This was so unfair!

No wonder that the swordsman from the Demon Night was able to insert a low-grade mysterious weapon into the mountainside. They were indeed a species that could do wonders beyond anyone's imagination.

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