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   Chapter 457 Killing Sword Mountain (Part Two)

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Although the heavenly essence could help the cyan dragon restore a fraction of his strength, there was only a little of this essence. There were too many scales on his body, and more than a hundred dragon scales only occupied a small section of him.

When the cyan dragon noticed that piece of the flood dragon bone on the battlefield, he finally decided to communicate with Zen. Usually, a cyan dragon hardly paid attention to a small part of the flood dragon's spine. As a genuine dragon, he thought the flood dragon was just a kind of beast many generations away from him. Therefore, there was not much genuine dragon blood within a flood dragon.

Regardless of how little genuine dragon blood there was in a flood dragon, it would still help the cyan dragon, already too weak at this point, recover. Even a small amount of genuine dragon blood as a supplement could slowly restore the cyan dragon's strength.

After swallowing the spine of the flood dragon, the cyan dragon finally regained strength and was able to communicate with Zen.

"Did you just say this is the Killing Sword Mountain?

Does this only exist in my mind?

Why can't I pull out the sword stuck in this mountain?" Zen fired the questions rapidly in a show of confusion. Since the cyan dragon knew what this mountain was, he must also be aware of the secret of the Killing Sword Mountain.

"Haha! How is it possible that the Killing Sword Mountain exists only in your mind?

The Killing Sword Mountain is a sacred place for practicing sword skills. It cannot belong to any one person. But it is almost dreamlike," the cyan dragon explained. Smiling gently, he went on, "There was a resonance between your soul's consciousness and the Killing Sword Mountain when you comprehended the consummation of the sword intent, and then you were chosen to practice in the mountain. It is an opportunity for you!

And your opponent today, the boy named Rocher, must have gone for practice in another place, but I guess wherever that is, it cannot compare to yours here. The one who has the chance to be chosen into the Killing Sword

was a great shock to Zen. This kind of genius couldn't exist in the Eastern Region or even the Central Region, and for that matter, it was rare anywhere in the world!

So it was truly unbelievable!

Although unsettling, Zen wasn't depressed by his discovery.

'There is always something unfair in this world, ' he thought.

Using himself as an example, Zen recalled he was imprisoned at age 15, while disciples from the noble clans had the privilege of taking pills, practicing tier 4 cultivation methods, and using spiritual weapons that even masters of ordinary families did not have.

And yet, all of these warriors had been surpassed by Zen by leaps and bounds.

It took a very long time to practice and be a master in martial arts. Maybe it seemed inconceivable for Zen to comprehend the consummate sword intent at the marrow refining level, yet there was no question that he was a man of great power. After all, he surpassed the descendants with great family backgrounds and supreme blood. They were born with gifts that others couldn't even imagine, while all Zen had now was only enough for their meals.

But when Zen thought about all the inequity in the world, he didn't care about them one bit.

Since he wasn't born to a family with a great background, he would try his very best to take everything he desired little by little!

"Break into pieces!" Zen shouted.

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