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   Chapter 456 Killing Sword Mountain (Part One)

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The mountain that stood in front of Zen looked like a wild beast from ancient times.

There were hundreds of thousands of swords embedded in the mountain, one on top of the other, from the bottom to the top.

"These swords..." Zen, amazed by the sight, was suddenly at a loss for words.

It was hard not to gasp in awe as he looked at those long swords protruding from the mountain.

The metal blades at the foot of the mountain were not high grade. But all were classified as mysterious weapons, whether low-grade, middle-grade, or top-grade. A variety of sword types were in that mountain.

There were wide blade swords, short-handle swords, serpentine swords, jade swords, and so on.

The mysterious weapons of different grades spread from the foot of the mountain to the top. But when Zen examined the slopes closer, he discovered the swords embedded there were not all the mysterious kind. There were also spiritual weapons!

The spiritual weapons only covered the lowest portion of the mountain. Looking further up, Zen found many more fairy weapons halfway up its slopes!

To his amazement, there were low-grade, middle-grade, and even top-grade fairy weapons!

Even a low-grade fairy weapon was tough enough to make the martial artists of the Eastern Region go crazy. Disciples from the declining noble clans like Nory, and even family-owners like James, didn't have a fairy weapon yet!

The top seven noble clans might have more low-grade fairy weapons, but on average, each family would only have a few of these, at most.

Middle-grade fairy weapons were even rarer. Only five of the top seven noble clans owned this type of weapon. The Yu and Yun Clans were the two that did not have middle-grade fairy weapons.

Each of the top seven noble clans was fabulously wealthy and were known for having illustrious family backgrounds. And the inheritance that came down to the Yu and Yun Clans was no weaker than that of the other five clans, s

t believe what was happening.

He had suspected a long time ago that the cyan dragon had his own consciousness as a dragon. But he had never taken the initiative to communicate with him until Zen competed with Jacques on the battlefield. The cyan dragon's goal then was to secure the flood dragon bone, and this was what eventually prompted him to roar so he could communicate with Zen.

It was with the help of the cyan dragon that Zen finally defeated Jacques and swallowed the flood dragon bone.

So technically, Zen didn't defeat Jacques with his strength alone but with the help of the cyan dragon.

However, it didn't seem fair to Zen to give all the credit for the victory to the dragon. After all, Jacques also took advantage of the flood dragon bone spear in his hands.

The birth of a genius always depended on several aspects: strength, talent, adventure, and luck. And you could not do away with a single one of them.

"Yes, you are right. I am the cyan dragon in your mind," the dragon made the confirmation.

It was when Zen ignited the first of his dragon scales that the cyan dragon woke up.

But he didn't have much reserve energy to communicate with the young disciple after waking up. He had been confined to the mysterious smelting furnace for so many years and was far too weak.

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