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   Chapter 455 The Sword Mountain (Part Two)

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Patrick looked at Zen and Rocher, then closed his eyes. He hadn't had a psychological fluctuation in his brain for a long time, but today there was a slight perturbation in there. He wanted to make it go away, since this was a great taboo in practicing Buddhist cultivation method.

"No fluctuation is calm, no change is constant. Sooner or later, I will have to fight the two. And I will defeat them. Calm down, calm down!" Patrick murmured to himself.

"Did they both just realize the consummation of the sword intent at the same time?" wondered Kenneth. He couldn't help rubbing his rough hands together with an expression of ecstasy on his face.

There were not many people in the world who would be able to comprehend the sword intent. One who could cultivate the sword intent was considered genius and was sure to become a successful practitioner in the Eastern Region. As for those who could realize the consummation of the sword intent, they were often listed among the top ranks of the Cloud Sect! All the saints and elders wanted such top disciples listed under them as personal disciples.

Rocher was a man of ordinary origins. After he was admitted to Cloud Sect, numerous elders had wanted to take him under themselves as their own disciple because of his excellent performance. But Rocher felt a strong sense of belonging to Skytop Peak and was not willing to be a personal disciple. Therefore, he had been staying at the Skytop Peak until now.

Zen had cultivated swordsmanship only for a short time, and his skills of Sword Steps had been learned from Rocher stealthily. Until this competition had taken place, most people in Cloud Sect didn't even know his name. So no elder had been keen on recruiting him to be his own disciple.

The Cloud Sect attached great importance to the disciples who had got the great achievement on the sword intent, so did Kenneth, the head of Cloud Sect. Because these disciples h

going to be expelled from Cloud Sect immediately!" he warned.

Hearing the warning from Elder Xu, the disciples became instantly quiet and didn't even dare to breathe abnormally.

Cloud Sect attached great importance to training talents and did not tolerate anyone disturbing those talents. They focused especially on the geniuses which stood out from the disciples.

It could be said that the value of several geniuses, such as Zen, Rocher, Patrick and Tracy, were almost equal to the value of hundreds of thousands of ordinary disciples combined.

Being a genius meant that one could stand out from the hundreds of thousands of disciples, while mediocrity would only remain unknown. Cloud Sect was very tolerant. Every disciple would get a variety of benefits and welfare as soon as they entered Cloud Sect. But Cloud Sect was cruel too. The resources it showered on the gifted were far apart from those it allowed the ordinary people to have. That was the system.

Zen felt that he was in a strange state. It was supposed to be dark and he should not have been able to see anything since his eyes were closed. But right now, he could see a mountain standing erectly in front of him.

It was a mountain with swords struck on it everywhere, protruding like rocks here and there.

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