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   Chapter 454 The Sword Mountain (Part One)

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One might remember that although Tracy was strong, her strength lay in her talent and blood, rather than in her diligence.

As far as knowledge and experience was concerned, she was nowhere close enough to the saints and elders of Cloud Sect, or even Rocher and Patrick. So naturally, the reasons for their surprise were quite different.

Patrick was surprised because he understood what had happened inside the combat ring.

Tracy's shock did not arise from the fact that she had understood something, but because her Blue Phoenix's blood was tingling inside her body. Even though not knowing what had actually happened, the tingling phoenix blood inside instinctively sent a feeling of fear all across her body, as if some sort of natural defense mechanism. The tingle was enough to tell her that something extraordinary had happened around her. The Blue Phoenix was a legendary bird and was capable of extremely strong perception skills. It could sense things. If there was any danger in the surrounding environment, the blood of the Blue Phoenix would tingle, warning the owner of the danger.

This was why Tracy was shocked and had almost screamed out.

Patrick didn't have the blood of the Blue Phoenix and therefore, could not sense something unusual. However, he had already noticed that the skills utilized in the fight between Zen and Rocher had been far beyond their cultivation levels. This also meant that whatever had happened was also not some common phenomenon.

"If my eyes don't deceive me, then their swordsmanship has just reached the most perfect level there can be. Both Zen and Rocher have taken inspiration from the fight and both reached the consummation level of the sword intent." Patrick muttered under his breath. An expectant expression, almost ecstatic secretly flashed on his face because he thought that he had finally found his match.

Until now, there was only one disciple in the entire Cloud Sect who ranked stronger

, it is difficult for him to defeat me. It is highly probable that he will be restricted by his low cultivation level. What gets me is that at his current strength, it is weird to see him only at second-grade of nature level.'

What was more unexpected was that Rocher and Zen had reached the consummation of the sword intent at the same time in battle.

The sword intent was an artistic conception which was extremely difficult to comprehend and equally difficult to master.

Why was there no sound when the two swords clashed? The audience was shocked because when Zen's Streamer Sword and Rocher's Blood-corroding Sword, two first-class weapons had collided so hard, no sound was heard. It was as if they were made of paper.

The reason for this lack of bang with the flash was that as soon as they realized the consummation of their sword intent, they had entered a perfect state of epiphany, and it had suppressed the sound completely in an instant.

It wasn't that they were not powerful enough. Rather, all their life vitality and bodily strength had disappeared at once when they had reached the consummation of the sword intent. At that moment, the only thing for them to possess was the sword intent. Everything else would have gone blank to make way for it and therefore, there was no sound.

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