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   Chapter 453 Blood Burning (Part Two)

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Hearing Rocher's brave and bold words, all the disciples took a deep breath.

None of them had ever thought that Rocher could be so ambitious.

Everyone had dreams. Warriors from humble backgrounds wished to reach high levels so as to help their family's survival and to seek better social status for themselves. Business minded folks wanted to make vast amounts of fortune in this world.

However, warriors from the noble clans dreamed bigger. They had to fight their way out among their brothers and sisters, contending for the position of the head of the whole family. Then, they would make great efforts and spend vast amounts of time in leading their family to a place where it could stand out among all the other clans and families. However, none of them had ever dared to compete with families from other regions.

The Central Region was much bigger than the Eastern Region. The top seven noble clans could ride roughshod in the Eastern Region but they would be a completely fool if they ever dared to do that in the Central Region.

Rocher was either remarkably brave, or foolishly bold. He thought that he could beat those families from the Central Region and from the other parts of the world.

The world was vast in size. Most of it hadn't even been explored yet.

He was more like a beggar from a small town in his efforts; a person who had no idea of how big his country was. However, all of a sudden, he had announced that he would be the king one day.

This sounded laughable. But, even an emperor, before founding the Burning Sky Empire, was born a beggar before he had finally become a ruler.

Anybody with such an ambitious plan was better than most of the disciples from the Cloud Sect.

"Meeting you before I leave the Eastern Region is such a surprise to me. Zen, do you know that? You, with just two steps into the nature level, used some basic sword tec

ide the outcome of this battle.

However, only normal impacts were produced and limited power was released.

In comparison, the fencing in the last round had been much more terrifying and stunning. To be very frank, even the training of the disciples usually looked more stunning than this round of sword fight.

Two sword shadows met for a moment and then they separated. Not even a sound was made.

"What's happening? Much cry and little done? I thought the whole world would be turned upside down once again. Such a disappointment!"

"Is it over? Is it done? Who won? Is the referee saying anything?"

"What's he trying to do? Trick us? It's gonna be a total disappointment. I have been waiting for this for such a long time. I just can't believe that the game is over in such a simple and ordinary way."

The sudden end of the competition gave rise to much discussion among the audience. None of them knew what had happened.

On the other hand, the saints of the Sect and even Patrick kept their eyes open, as they stared at the fighting pit, surprised and shocked.

Tracy, hiding in a corner, had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from screaming out, because she seemed to have figured something out. She also looked horrified.

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