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   Chapter 452 Blood Burning (Part One)

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Surprisingly, the battle between Zen and Rocher was less ferocious than that between Zen and Jacques. At least for the moment, it looked like that.

After all the cyan dragon's roar during that particular event had been terrifying, shocking, and destructive. It was the sort of thing that Zen would never forget.

Although Zen's horrible strength had erupted fighting with Jacques, his battle with Rocher was more fascinating. This was because most of the previous battle had been fought secretly.

Zen had used his demonic life vitality to shroud the fighting pit in mist and not let anyone see. Though the audience had heard the terrifying roars of dragon, they had no idea what was going on inside that mist.

But this battle, between Zen and Rocher, was something else!

Both of them were swordsmen who had a thorough understanding of the sword intent. They were considered one of the best sword masters in Cloud Sect and the battle between them was extremely balanced; so much that it could have ended in a stalemate.

One of them was a once-in-a-century genius who had already penetrated deep into the supernatural mysteries inside the Heavenly Sword Illustration. Therefore, he was capable of using the power of the heavens against his enemies. The other man, a simple and noble practitioner, wielded his sword in a mysterious but basic way. He refused to cower even while confronting the heavens' power. His sword was held smartly and he fought back effectively.

Seeing this, all the disciples of the Cloud Sect were unimaginably excited. After Rocher's failed Heavenly Sword demonstration, they were now looking forward to seeing something much bigger and more shocking.

The elder disciples of the Cloud Sect had already witnessed the All Peak Competition many times in their lives and they had, at times, even been able to anticipate the outcome. However, none of the previous competitions could have been compared to this.

"Rocher's abilities in wielding a sword are unbelievable. I mean he is the first guy ever to enter the fourth level of the Heavenly Sword. And he is the first in eight centuries. And Zen... Zen's more than that. He has even been able to confront the fo

figured out how the star force worked but those were just legends. And none of them had ever risen from the Eastern Region.

Rocher had no idea that Zen didn't have to contemplate and search for the stars in the sky. He just needed the Sun Moon Stars Picture, which didn't belong to this world at all.

The strength of the masters who had drawn and produced the Sun Moon Stars Picture had been unimaginable.

"I thought that I had no rival at the same level with me. Even the warriors who have reached the Illuminating Soul Realm would have surely suffered defeat at my hands. I have only one rival, Patrick. If I was fighting with him right now, I would have stood a 50-50 chance of success. However, if I, with strength of the nature level consummation, had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, it would have been impossible for me to lose!" Rocher remarked slowly.

Patrick remained motionless and showed no emotions on his face, sitting cross-legged and with his eyes closed.

Then, Rocher added, "I need to think bigger and go to a larger world. The Eastern Region is too small for me and discourages me to grow up or become stronger. I have the whole world ahead of me to conquer. I need to challenge the thousands of talents born in this world. I need to do better than this little Sect. After the All Peaks Competition, I don't care if I'm allowed to walk across the Cloud Road or not. I will go to the Central Region and find a bigger world to conquer."

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