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   Chapter 451 Four In One (Part Two)

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Soon as it touched the ground, it started to dissipate like mercury spilled onto the earth. This whirlwind was the vitality between the heavens and the earth!

The vitality itself was extremely violent and dangerous, especially when it had not been refined by practitioners and transformed into life vitality yet. But due to that precise reason of not being refined, it still contained a trace of the natural law in it.

In fact, it was said that when a practitioner reached higher levels of cultivation, and entered stronger realms, he would, in theory, be able to utilize this vitality between the heavens and the earth at his will. It was almost like commanding the world!

However, merely at the rank of nature level consummation, Rocher could not directly make use of the vitality. That did not matter today. The Heavenly Sword never actually "used" the vitality. It merely "drew support" from it and that, it could manage without Rocher's help.

Even drawing support from the vitality meant that Rocher was extremely powerful beyond thoughts and imagination.

"Four in one!" He commanded.

A faint shadow of a sword intent appeared around Rocher's Blood-corroding Sword. He had employed the sword intent to trap the natural law inside his sword. Using this extreme momentum which could generate ultra-high quantities of impulses, he thrust immediately at Zen.

Although sword movements were of great importance in combating, the role those movements played could be outshone by the absolute power the sword carried.

As the sword shoved forward, it was like the sky had flipped over! The very air seemed to vibrate and twist. The sun seemed to shimmer!

The power of Rocher's four-in-one sword was formidable to say the very least. But it completely differed from Jacques's soul attack, and was not supposed to cause any damage to one's spirit.

Therefore, the audience was just a

lunged forward.

Aided by the fusion of the stars, his sword was now carrying fierce and terrible amounts of energy.

'He has merely taken advantage of a bit of the vitality between the heavens and the earth. Meh! That aura is nothing, Rocher. Even if the sky had actually fallen down, I would have still crumbled you!' Zen bellowed inside his mind, strengthening his resolve even more.

Rocher's four-in-one sword converged with Zen's sword. At that moment, both of the contestants saw the towering determination in each other's eyes!

They were both determined to win in any possible way!


With another loud clang, a ball of blazing light instantaneously rose from the arena.

As its shine increased and reached blinding levels, everyone felt the heat and became blinded for a moment.

After quite a while, the audience gradually started to recover their vision. What was going on! Slowly, as the arena came into focus, they saw that Zen was still standing in the same spot he had been, as motionless as a statue, while Rocher had been forced five steps backward, with a trace of blood hanging at the corner of his mouth.

"Holy cow! Zen's one sword attack pierced the monstrosity that Rocher conjured up!" A disciple shouted indecorously.

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