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   Chapter 450 Four In One (Part One)

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There were hundreds of ways to use a sword and a hundred other ways to use it spiritually. The swordsmanship Rocher had been practicing was called Heavenly Sword. This was a very potent cultivation method that did not belong to tier 4 or tier 5. In fact, even the second tier methods did not contain this illustration, simply because of the fact that the method did not belong to any tier at all.

This cultivation method was highly special—it was constituted by only one illustration, which was called the Heavenly Sword Illustration.

The illustrious method had turned up around eight hundred and seventy-five years ago, and at that time, it had stirred up quite a bit of turmoil in the eastern region.

The noble clans, the Burning Sky Palace, the Cloud Sect, and all the independent mighty practitioners as well which were scattered across the numerous counties of Eastern Region had chased it like a lion chased its prey. They had been extremely eager and the illustration had seen its fair share of blood. Rumor had it that the Heavenly Sword Illustration contained a powerful theurgy; if one mastered it, he/she would grasp the concepts of heavens and attain immortality!

Hundreds, thousands... No one knew just how many outstanding figures lost their life to the battle for this illustration.

In the end, it had been Cloud Sect itself which had managed to defeat all other competitors and obtained the Heavenly Sword Illustration. Later on, it was sent to the Burning Sky Palace for safe keeping.

The news had made a lot of practitioners grind their teeth in resentment. They wanted the illustration for themselves but they could not afford to mess with Cloud Sect or Burning Sky Palace. None of them had ever dared to break into the heavily guarded Burning Sky Palace and try to steal the Heavenly Sword Illustration. People had thought it was going to be hidden forever but things had gone South.

Exactly one year later, several copies of the Heavenly Sword Illus

pread far and wide and finally, after 875 years, Rocher had achieved the fourth part of the method!

"The fourth part, it's the fourth part! Rocher has grasped the fourth part— Phecda Sword—of the Heavenly Sword Illustration! Good heavens! He is the first one to manage that in 800 years!"

"Yeah, he is going to be a legend! Hang on. It seems like Rocher has not only been able to grasp the fourth part, he is going to display the four swords all at once. He is gonna merge the four swords and use them all at once! Zen is a goner now for sure!"

"I agree. Now Zen is going to be in trouble. You know, I once heard that each part of the Heavenly Sword can draw support from the power of the heavens. It is said that any practitioner who can manage the Heavenly Sword is a man favored by God, or we could call him son of God. Once the four swords are out, Zen will definitely lose!"

"At first I thought that Zen was the one more powerful between the two, but I think we now know that in front of Rocher, Zen has no chance at all!"

A tiny shadow of a seed suddenly burst open before Rocher. Then, a fine tread emerged on the top of his head and abruptly shot up into the sky. In an instant, a gigantic whirlwind tornado appeared in the sky. As it came into being, it cascaded down towards the ground at a furious pace.

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