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   Chapter 449 The Heavenly Sword (Part Two)

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Their Sword Steps appeared to interlace with each other even as they competed, looking like a beautiful dance of sorts. The disciples of Cloud Sect were dazzled and expressed it in raised voices.

"This... This is so captivating!"

"It's a treat for the eyes. If I can practice the Sword Step this way someday, I would be so strong at the nature level!"

"Huh. If you want to learn the Sword Step, you would need to comprehend the sword intent first. If you do comprehend it, you would be invincible at the nature level, but do you really think you can do it?"

As people talked, Rocher struck first. Deciding to tip the balance scale, he launched an attack.

He slid in his steps as if there was oil under his feet. When he finally stopped, thirteen sword intent cyclones dashed in Zen's direction.

Six sword intent cyclones came from the front, three cyclones from the left and the right respectively, and the last one was from the air above. They moved in a whirlwind, blocking Zen in all directions.

"Nice." Facing the thirteen sword intent cyclones coming at him, Zen too performed a slippery step. He created four sword intent cyclones. Even if his own sword intent cyclones were fewer than Rocher's, each cyclone was larger and more potent.


The sword intent cyclones of the two opponents collided with each other and then shattered in the hit. It was a dead heat.

Just then, Rocher unsheathed his sword.

His attacks always went this way. At certain times, he wouldn't launch an attack at all, but once he attacked, he would fight non-stop, not giving any leeway. He had no plans to give the opponent a chance to even breathe halfway.

"Megrez Sword!"

This was Rocher's first time wielding his sword in this round.

When he wielded the sword, his breath seemed to change. The

en experience breakthroughs in such a situation.

"They have wielded the sword fifty times now..."

"A hundred times..."

"A hundred and fifty times..."


Rocher sighed heavily, at last moving back in silence.

He realized he couldn't prevail against Zen when it came to swordsmanship, so it was meaningless to fight him through sword moves.

There was simple power hidden behind Zen's basic swordsmanship. But when the simple went to the extreme, it became more complex. However, this was not a contradiction. It was just a complicated tactic.

Rocher couldn't see through Zen's basic swordsmanship.

As soon as Rocher stood steady at a distance, he drew a circle with the sharp sword in his hand casually. Life vitality spread out around him. Mixed with the sword intent, it made the Blood-corroding Sword buzz with life.

"The light and dark swordsmanship! I am not cruel, but I must prove the power of the heavens!"

Momentum spread across Rocher's body. His demeanor seemed to have changed, as if he were a spokesman of heaven in a world of humans. He looked like he was the son of heaven.

"Megrez Sword! Dubhe Sword! Merak Sword! Phecda Sword! Start all four kinds!"

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