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   Chapter 448 The Heavenly Sword (Part One)

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Elder Xu was stunned at what Kenneth said. It was quite high praise.

Kenneth worked for the Cloud Hall and his knowledge went beyond the entirety of the Eastern Region. He had seen the other side of the world.

Billions of people lived in the Eastern Region, and the Central Region was over ten times larger than the Eastern Region. The five regions in total did not dominate the globe as one thought. They were but a small corner of the main continent on the map.

The world was composed of people as many as the number of sand particles in the sea. It was almost impossible to keep count of.

In this vast population, there were a number of geniuses. Zen had good talent and even better luck, but it was likely that there were people more powerful than him out there.

Truth be told, Elder Xu was shocked at Zen's performance. The younger generation was better than the last, but could he really afford Kenneth's evaluation of being the reincarnation of an immortal? What did it mean for the world?

Watching Elder Xu at a loss for words and looking like he couldn't accept Kenneth's statement, the latter smiled softly. "Just kidding. Elder Xu, don't take it so seriously."

"..." Elder Xu was more than a hundred years old. Hearing the leader make such a joke out of the blue, he remained petrified for a while, not knowing how to react.

"But Zen is truly special. No big shots were from his family in the past. It could be that his background and bloodline is ordinary, but in this generation, two heavyweights have been discovered already, Yan, who has a peculiar body constitution, and then Zen, who has incredible strength. They appeared successively. Don't you think t

self with his sword like Rocher. The latter was a natural at this.

Rocher's Sword Step grew faster and faster, sword energy cyclones manifesting under his feet continuously.

"I will begin as well!"

Zen too moved his feet to the rhythms of the Sword Step.

Although Zen carried out his Sword Step according to Rocher's, there was a slight difference between the two.

Rocher's Sword Step was smooth in effect. Seen carefully, each step was calculated and equal in length to the three-foot long cutting edge of his Blood-corroding Sword. His Sword Step appeared soft but hid the killing intent cleverly. Once the edge was exposed, the killing intent would make itself known too.

On the other hand, Zen's Sword Step looked random, yet natural. His steps were not as soft as Rocher's, but appeared more potent in power.

The two stepped forward, setting a tempo with their feet as they faced each other on the competition field, looking for loopholes and mistakes in the opponent's moves.

But since they had cultivated to this level, they knew how to hold on to their nerves. They wouldn't make mistakes easily.

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