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   Chapter 447 I Believe In Zen Too (Part Two)

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A sword that wouldn't rust wasn't sure to be the best, but a rusty sword was definitely not a good choice.

However, here, the strongest swordsman among the young generation of the Cloud Sect was using a rusty sword. It was hard for the disciples of the Cloud Sect to accept this. They had great expectation for the sword.

Rocher was unaware of what was being discussed among the crowds at the moment. He slowly lifted the rusty sword and pointed it at the ground. "This sword is called the 'Blood-corroding Sword'." He slowly said, "The red spots on the blade are not rust spots, though they look like them. They're droplets of blood!"

Zen was a little astonished on hearing Rocher's words. The disciples who were mocking the fact that what Rocher was flashing was only a rusty sword also received a shock.

But whose blood would remain so fresh even after thousands of years?

Generally speaking, if the blood from a common human had splashed on the sword, it would have become dry immediately and formed some blood spots. But after a period of time, the spots would fade and gradually disappear. No human blood stains would last for over three years.

But the stains on Rocher's Blood-corroding Sword had lasted for thousands of years! Was it the blood from some legendary beast?

"How can blood remain fresh for so long?" Zen was also very curious. There was a feeling inside him that the blood could emit some magical power.

Rocher shook his head and replied, "I don't know. But this Blood-corroding Sword has helped me a lot in comprehending the sword philosophy. It also has its own soul that connects with mine. I am telling you this as the courtesy a fellow swordsman shows to another."

Zen smiled. Rocher was an interesting person, and polite too! Zen also took out his sword from the space ring. With a tinkling sound, the Streamer Sword was drawn out from its sheath.

"My sword is named 'Streamer Sword'. It's a low-grade fairy weapon. The body of the sword was made by Chase," he told his opponent slowly.

"It was made by Chase?" Rocher asked curiously.

As a sword


"But this is not something easy to brag about. Anyone can find out. There are so many disciples in the Quenching Peak. If it is a lie, they would expose it immediately. Zen has no reason to tell such a stupid lie."

Hearing this, Kenneth exhaled deeply. He glanced at Elder Xu who was sitting next to him.

Getting his message even without him saying anything, Elder Xu nodded and said, "I will send someone to the Quenching Peak to confirm it."

Weapon refining masters were also very important to the Cloud Sect. No wonder that Kenneth was attaching such great importance to the matter.

"Do it immediately. Then get news to me as quickly as possible. But I don't think the result really matters." Kenneth heaved a sigh and shook his head.

Elder Xu asked, "Do you believe Zen's words that he condensed the sword himself?"

"What do you think?" Kenneth asked back.

"I believe him." Elder Xu replied with a smile.

Kenneth pointed his fingers at Elder Xu. He didn't know what to say about Zen's talents that he had shown along the way. He finally replied, "I believe in Zen, too. He has already given me a lot of surprises. Forget about the claim that he can refine a fairy weapon himself. Even if he claims that he is the reincarnation of an immortal, I will also believe it."

There was probably not a single other soul in Cloud Sect who could get such a comment from Kenneth.

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