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   Chapter 446 I Believe In Zen Too (Part One)

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Yan was undeniably a superb talent of Cloud Sect. An idea of her talent could be taken from the fact that she had bested Zen in both grade and speed. When it was time for the All Peaks Competition, she had already reached the Illuminating Soul Realm, and if that wasn't enough, she was only 15 years old at the time.

On the other hand, Zen was 17 years old at the moment but was merely at grade two of the nature level. So compared to Yan, Zen was quite slow in cultivation speed. However, that did not mean he had been totally overtaken.

When it came to fighting capacity, he was several notches above Yan.

Not only her, he was above almost all personal disciples. In the previous All Peaks Competition, the performance of disciples which were competing on behalf of some peak was not so good.

The top three, and even the top five places were all occupied by personal disciples, who had easily outwitted the disciples from the peaks.

But this year, the competition had been fiercer than ever and of the top 3 contenders, two were fighting on behalf of peaks. They were Zen and Rocher. What was more, neither one of them was at the Illuminating Soul Realm. This was the first time in history that such a result had been seen and until today, such a result was beyond anyone's imagination.

Zen and Rocher weren't the only black horses to break the record. The top inner disciples from other peaks like Wing, Sheeny, Jason, and Jill had also managed to defeat the personal disciples quite easily.

So this time, the peak disciples had prevailed over the personal disciples in the All Peaks Competition.

Among the personal disciples, only Patrick had managed to land a spot amongst the top five. It was up to him now.

As the pillar of the personal disciples, he had mastered the mysterious Buddhist cultivation method and his real strength was too deep for common men to predict. It was all on him now to defend the dignity of the personal disciples. If he lost too, then the year was going to be remembered forever as one when the personal disciples failed completely.

"Zen, Zen.." Master Xu of the Skytop Peak murmured the name, lost deep in some thought.

Master Xu had a

k. He slowly drew it out from the sheath, inch by inch, each unit making the crowd go wild.

"Rocher is finally drawing his sword! We have waited for the moment for so long. It looks like Zen is the opponent that he is really worried about!"

"What kind of sword on earth is that? I really can't wait to see it!"

All the disciples gazed at Rocher's hand without batting an eyelid, curious about what the weapon was going to look like.

When Rocher finally took the sword completely out of the sheath, all the people were amazed.

"What's this? A rusty sword? Hang on, do swords rust?"

"No silly. They don't."

"So what, is that a common iron sword? My God! The sword that Rocher has kept with him all the time is turning out to be a load of crap!"

"Huh! Only a narrow-minded person like you is going to think it's crap. With Rocher's strength and knowledge, do you honestly think he is going to put a piece of crap on his back?"

"Okay, you're smart. So tell us what kind of precious sword would rust."

The sword Rocher had taken out was indeed covered with red spots.

The weapon refining skills of the Eastern Region had made it possible for any weapons, even the mysterious ones, to get preserved for decades. If well maintained, the spiritual weapons were supposed to last several hundred years without rusting out or losing their shine and sharpness. As for fairy weapons, they could last as long as a span of thousands of years.

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