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   Chapter 444 Explanation

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Apparently, more than one person wanted to know the result. And Master Wen was the most anxious.

Except for the disciples who had fainted, all other onlookers stared intently at the fighting court.

As the demonic life vitality cleared slowly, a thin figure was seen standing in the arena. He didn't appear to be athletic, but he was full of strength. He was not tall, but people looked up to him.

"Zen!" Master Wen could not help exclaiming in excitement. At this moment, his eyes were full of tears, and he almost cried.

A fierce discussion began among the disciples. "Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Who can tell me what happened just now? Why is Zen standing there while Jacques is lying on the ground?" one disciple asked with disbelief.

"Are you asking me? I don't know either. I actually don't understand this fight at all!" another disciple answered.

"It was obviously Jacques who was attacking Zen. After all, his attack method used the roar of a dragon. But why is Zen standing while Jacques seems to be hurt? This makes no sense!" a third disciple exclaimed with an astonished look.

The result of the fight was beyond the expectation of the audience. They could not understand what had happened.

Zen shook his head. The Streamer Sword in his hand trembled when he took a deep breath. His eyes became brighter than before as his soul had upgraded once again.

Facing Jacques' attack method, Multiple Stabs of the Dragon Bone Spear, Zen could bear it with his Streamer Sword. But he felt it difficult to stand the power of the flood dragon attached to it. Even though Zen had tried his best, he was unsure of Jacques' defeat as the power of the flood dragon was so strong.

However, when Zen started fighting with his Streamer Sword, the cyan dragon in his mind also joined in. The cyan dragon roared and controlled the power of the flood dragon in a second. When Jacques heard the cyan dragon's roar, he was stunned.

This reaction gave Zen enough time to summon the black fire inside his body. In the blink of an eye, the black fire consumed Jacques' flood dragon bone spear.

Zen didn't expect the result of the melting process. Previously, the black fire would melt a weapon and extract heavenly essence. However, when the black fire melted the flood dragon bone spear, some drops of blood were extracted. These blood drops were different from a person's blood. Regular blood was liquid in form and would splash when it fell on the ground. But these blood drops bounced against the ground like a ball...

In the end, the black fire transported the drops of blood into Zen's mind and gave them to the cyan dragon. Of course, the cyan dragon swallowed them.

At the same time, two rays of shining light appeared from the mysterious melting furnace. One of them went into Zen's head, and the other flew into Jacques' head.

The shining light contained mysterious strength, and it could speed up the recovery of an injured soul. Even if someone's soul had been severely hurt, the shining light could help the soul become as healthy as it was. This was exactly what had happened when Zen opened the mysterious melting furnace for the first time. The refinement process repeatedly destroyed Zen's soul, but the shining light helped it recover every single time.

The cyan dragon r

ould tell whether his story was true or false.

"Seven-colored rays of shining light?" Elder Xu asked in surprise. He thought hard but still could not tell what a seven-colored ray was. Even more confusing was its quick-healing effect on a severely injured soul. He knew some pills were particularly helpful in treating people with damaged souls. But these pills could not work so quickly. If a person's soul had been damaged too severely, the pills might not work at all! The soul of a person was very fragile and difficult to heal.

"Seven-colored rays of shining light?" Kenneth also felt puzzled. He repeated the words as he thought of the possibilities. 'Could it be from the Seven Star Herb? But that is impossible. There should not be such a herb in the Eastern Region, ' Kenneth thought. 'The Seven Star Herb is a legend. It is said that if one is close to a Seven Star Herb, the herb will give off rays in seven colors. It is good for the soul. But if a Seven Star herb does exist, it will change the color of the heaven and

the ground. Everyone will be able to see it. It is impossible to hide the herb. How could such a thing happen to Zen and Jacques today?'

Zen was glad to see that he had successfully misled Kenneth. So he continued his explanation, "I don't know what happened just now. And how is Jacques?"

At this moment, a steward walked up to Jacques and examined his body. After that, he said, "Sirs, Jacques seems to be all right. He is unconscious, but he will wake up soon."

Kenneth nodded and remained silent as he contemplated his options. He furrowed his brows as he glanced at Zen. He was still confused as Zen's explanation had not answered his question.

"Let me wake Jacques, and we can ask him," Elder Xu said. As soon as he had finished speaking, his hand glowed with a green life vitality. Elder Xu walked up to Jacques and directed the green life vitality to Jacques's body in a steady stream.

After a while, Jacques blinked his eyes. "Where am I?" he asked slowly.

Zen became nervous. After all, Jacques was the closest to him when he had swallowed Jacques' flood dragon bone spear. If Jacques had seen that, and he reported it to them, there would be trouble.

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