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   Chapter 443 The General Explanation About Legendary Beasts (Part Two)

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His disbelief didn't arise from the thought that flood dragons could not have burst out a momentum of that degree. Indeed, they were perfectly capable. The momentum that had just broken out in the battle ring was strong and for the disciples of the younger generation, it was certainly extremely frightening. But in eyes of Kenneth, Elder Xu and other elders who were at comparable levels to them, it hardly deserved a mention in powerful forces of the time.

If a real flood dragon had burst out a roar, it would have been powerful enough to turn an entire hilltop into powdery dust.

It wasn't the power that Kenneth found formidable. Instead, it was the feeling that roar was giving Kenneth which made him ponder and had him worried.

There was something about it, as if it had experienced a nirvana and was now standing at the highest level, looking down on all living creatures as if they were nothing at all. This kind of otherworldly feeling could not have been brought onto him by a flood dragon at all.

The flood dragon was an aquatic creature with power over storms and floods, but was not a legendary beast. It was merely a close relative of one since it had dragon lineage behind it.

What Kenneth was worried about was the fact that such a powerful effect could only have been achieved by A GENUINE DRAGON!

He started pondering over things. The idea was a bit far-fetched but the effect he felt was coming from a super legendary beast!

"It's not from a flood dragon?" Elder Xu asked in astonishment. His eyes were full of an incredible expression. "Are you trying to suggest that it has come from a genuine dragon instead?"

Kenneth nodded slightly and replied in a solemn tone, "Yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking right now."

"Impossible…" Elder Xu immediately denied the idea when he heard it, almost out of reflex, completely forgetting that he was talking to his leader at the moment. "A genuine dragon doesn't exist. It is the product of legends, and a figment of our imagination!"

The world was a big place. There were some people who had practiced hard and made their way to the peak level of martial arts. Then there were those who liked to make up stories and legends about martial artists and legendary creatures.

Several years ago, a book called "The General Explanation about Legendary Be

t that stopped anyone from seeing through it with naked eyes and even spiritual sense as powerful as Kenneth's could not penetrate it at all.

As a result, all Kenneth could do was wait for the demonic life vitality to disperse gradually.

The stewards of the area, by contrast, were quite busy at the moment. Each of them was roaming around, holding a small bottle in their hands, filled with pills that had the power to nourish souls. As soon as they saw a disciple who was feeling unwell under the impact of the dragon momentum, they gave a pill to him. It was worth noting that the pill wasn't enough for those disciples who had passed out completely. The stewards had to perform emergency medical procedures on site to help them. Therefore, right now, the scene of the All Peaks Competition was very noisy and haphazard.

Master Wen, also under the impact of the dragon roar, felt unstable and his head was full of a buzzing, humming noise, which was giving him a headache.

At this moment, however, he was not worried about any possible damage to his spirit, but about Zen's safety, considering the fact that under the impact of the little bit of momentum which had dissipated from the battle ring and crossed into the audience area, even after it was half weakened by Elder Xu's green light curtain, Master Wen's spirit was still damaged.

Now that Master Wen was hurt, what about Zen who was standing almost at ground zero?

Although Master Wen didn't want to figure out the question, his face turned deadly pale when he thought of an answer.

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