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   Chapter 442 The General Explanation About Legendary Beasts (Part One)

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Warriors would howl at the very mention of the phrase "powerful momentum". It was a term which included both power and momentum, and that, in simple terms, meant immense amounts of force or strength. The warriors with the strong martial arts skills could perform this powerful momentum to the extreme, and it alone could be used to suppress or even attack his/her opponents.

But one needed to keep in mind that "strong" and "weak" were not absolute concepts but a relative comparison. Although the momentum contained in the flood dragon had been extremely strong, it still had a hard time affecting and threatening people like Elder Xu. This was because Xu was formidably stronger than Jacques! Therefore, it was reasonable to venture the guess that such strong momentum could not have been launched by Jacques.

Whoever launched it forth would soon be found out. The more pressing matter on hand was that Elder Xu, first ranker among all the elders of the Cloud Sect, only weaker than the head and vice head of Cloud Sect, was not the only one feeling threatened just now.

If even he had been affected, then it was not surprising that the situation of people less powerful than him would clearly have been worse.

The referee in charge of the match between Zen and Jacques had seen sense a long while back, as he had run out and was now standing at a place he believed to be safe before Jacques took out the bone spear.

The referee wasn't weak by any means. But the battle had spread out far too wide for it to be measurable by common sense and common level. The referee was not a fool. He knew exactly that even being involved in the aftermath of this match would end badly for him and therefore, he had no desire to stay any close.

But even with his foresight, he did suffer quite a blow due to the aftermath.

The loud roar from the dragon was so intense that its voice felt like a sledgehammer repeatedly hitting on his head. He felt a loud humming voice in his brain and lost his unconscious with a tumble down to the ground.

He had been standing the closest to the ring at the time of the match, and therefore, was the one most affected by the roar.

And the disciples watching the match were in no better situation than he was.

After all, the referee had very recently entered the level of Illuminating

l now, had always been his greatest reliance. But right now, even though he had not been standing in the ring, there was a strong impulse inside his heart to draw the sword. With great effort, he eventually held it back. With the strength of the shield of his sword, it was quite enough for him to block the momentum the roar had exuded.

Kenneth, head of the Cloud Sect, once again stepped down from the high platform.

His body was burly but he walked down step by step lightly, as if he was walking gracefully on air, like a general possessed by the heavenly god. The expressions on his face were more serious than ever right now, and he was troubled inside, though he did not show it.

"What's going on? How can the dragon roar have such a strong effect?" Kenneth asked seriously with the usual calmness and indifference written on his face, suddenly and finally replaced by a doubtful expression.

Elder Xu shook his head and replied, in an extremely concerned tone, "Jacques is so powerful that he can exercise the dragon bone spear to this extent. I am afraid that Zen… " his voice trailed off.

"No!" Kenneth replied abruptly and shook his head. He was thinking of a lot more than Xu was, so he was obviously more confused than the latter. Then, he continued, "No flood dragon is powerful enough to exude a momentum like this."

In his eyes, Elder Xu's analysis of the event was too cursory and simple. It was flawed. He simply thought that the dragon roar had been let out by the flood dragon's bone spear, but Kenneth did not believe so.

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