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   Chapter 441 A More Powerful Dragon Roar

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Jacques was a little surprised when he saw that Zen still had the strength to rise to his feet and speak.

Although Jacques had more powerful skills, he hadn't expected that Zen would have resisted his attack with his soul.

It meant that Zen could withstand the power from the flood dragon.

The flood dragon bone spear in Jacques' hand was made of the third section of the flood dragon's vertebra, which contained the most vigorous energy and blood among all sections.

Besides, to refine this bone spear, he had asked one of the most well-known weapon refining masters, Brady to draw thirteen lines of array Sanskrit on it. From among these, six lines of the array Sanskrit were able to initiate the power of the dragon bone while the other seven lines were used to amplify the power of the spear.

Each line of the array Sanskrit had cost him about one hundred thousand cubic crystals! So he had spent one million and three hundred thousand cubic crystals for all thirteen lines of array Sanskrit.

Jacques was more surprised than the onlookers to see that Zen had survived the attack from such great dragon power, because only Jacques knew how powerful the dragon bone spear was.

"This is quite unexpected," Jacques said, disappointed. After all, he had put a lot of efforts into this attack and had expected to defeat Zen with a blow. It seemed he had miscalculated Zen's competence. "You withstood my attack, but your soul has been injured badly. Although you're good enough to bear the power of the three dragon roars, if I use more powerful attacks, you will die or become an idiot. If you admit you're defeated now, I will let you go."

With his personality, Jacques wasn't the kind of person to show mercy to his opponent. However, maybe because Zen had withstood the three dragon roars, he changed his mind and decided to give a chance to Zen to throw in the towel.

"Do you mean that I should thank you because you asked me to admit that I'm a loser?!" Zen wiped the blood off his lips and asked.

"Yes! Since you have almost used up your strength, I don't think you are capable of continuing the fight," Jacques answered with a shake of his head.

Zen continued with a smile, "I admit that you have something to be proud of and be admired for by most disciples of Cloud Sect because they might not reach your level in their lives. However, no matter how strong you are, there's always someone stronger. I don't believe you are stronger than I am. You are not in a position to ask me to surrender!"

Jacques' eyebrow shot up. He wondered why Zen was speaking this way in such a situation. 'Either he is an idiot, or he has something to fall back on. Obviously, he is not stupid. Does he have some powerful skills up his sleeve?' he wondered.

Just as Jacques was contemplating the situation, the demonic life vitality behind Zen was forming into demonic phantoms.

Zen wouldn't admit failure in the competition. To earn the top position during the All Peaks Competition and to become the best disciple of Cloud Sect, he couldn't back off just because of a minor

d. Now I guess he has been defeated."

"Yes. But it is possible that aside from being defeated, he has been turned into an idiot as well."

"It was not easy for Drizzle Peak to find such a super talent like Zen. It will be a pity if he becomes an idiot in the All Peaks Competition!"

Master Wen's face paled when he heard the disciples' discussion. He worried that something terrible might happen to Zen.

Yehudi's wound had healed. He stood beside Master Wen and said, "Master Wen, don't take their words seriously. Zen has been in danger many times before. However, he always turned the situation to his advantage. I'm sure that he will be fine."

"Yes, but I'm afraid this time is different. You saw that the three dragon roars hurt Zen. Now Jacques has combined his attack with the dragon roar. It will be difficult for Zen to stay safe," Master Wen said, depressed. He had placed all his hope on Zen.

Yehudi sighed. In fact, he wasn't sure that Zen could dodge Jacques' attack either. After all, Jacques was extremely powerful. His incredible bone spear gave him a bigger advantage. Since the current situation did not favor Zen, Yehudi could do nothing other than comfort Mater Wen. "Maybe...Zen figured out a way to get rid of the danger."

Yehudi didn't even believe these words.

Just then, another deafening dragon roar came from the mist of the violet black demonic life vitality.

This time, the dragon roar was louder

than any of the previous dragon roars.

The difference between them was significant. If the previous roar of the flood dragon could be compared to a roar from a child, then this roar of the dragon sounded as though it came from an adult.

Words couldn't describe the difference between these roars.

The roar brought a sense of desolation, antiquity, and dignity...

Even if a person exhausted all words in the human vocabulary trying to describe the roar, he wouldn't be able to.

Elder Xu who had been shielding the impact of the dragon roar was shocked too because even he could sense the menace now.

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