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   Chapter 440 Down On Your Knees (Part Two)

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Kenneth laughed and asked, "When you said Jacques was very lucky and will likely have several other chances, does that mean that Zen could not obtain such good fortune?" He pointed at the flying knife in Zen's hand and said, "Look at his knife, the Heavenly Ogre Fist he displayed, and the basic swordplay methods he mastered by himself! Which one would you say is ordinary?"

"Sir, you are right. I may still have some prejudice against him, knowing that Zen's strength is only in the low grade. The overwhelming force of the flood dragon has had adverse reactions on many disciples. I shall go down to help them!" Elder Xu said hastily. He made the remark after seeing the painful expressions on lower grade disciples' faces. After quickly jumping down from the high platform, he waved a wrinkled hand gently in the air and watched as emerald green life vitality transformed into a curtain of light, shrouding areas around the battle ring.

The flood dragon's power made many disciples feel like lingering in the ice and snow, naked, and there was no way for them to resist the lure of the cold. If this continued for an extended period of time, it could damage their spirits.

But as soon as the light curtain from Elder Xu's hand lightly swept over them, everyone suddenly felt as if they were dressed in thick cotton clothes and were warm enough to withstand the extreme cold.

If a mere ten percent of the power released from it could cause so much pain for many disciples, what was the effect on Zen, who was absorbing the remaining 90 percent? Everyone was now curious how the young disciple was dealing with it.

With Elder Xu's help, the crowd resisted the flood dragon's power and began to watch the situation in the battle ring. They desperately wanted to see what happened to Zen at that moment.

Compared to regular mortals, Zen's spirit strength was far stronger. When he entered the Tier 4 Cultivation Method Hall of the Heavenly Library, he did not need the help of the cyan dragon, but instead, relied on his own spirit to resist the pressure generated by the intent of the Vengef

rd, he heaved a gentle sigh. His eyes reflected the flickering light as he closely watched the ongoing competition in the arena.

Meanwhile, in the arena Zen felt as if his spirit was shaking under a big storm, like a leaf hanging precariously on a tree branch, which at any time could be swept away by the wind to any place.

But oddly, even with his perilous situation, Zen was tenacious in resisting the attacks.

This competition was undoubtedly the most dangerous one for Zen. Earlier, he had won all the way and had never been so close to being defeated.

In truth, the strength gap between Zen and Jacques was not so wide. But rather than his own strength, Jacques depended on the power of the dragon bone spear that was in his hand. Zen, on the other hand, only trusted his own spiritual strength to combat the offensives.

This was because he wanted to see the extent of his resistance.

Not long after, a trace of blood was slowly oozing from the corners of Zen's mouth. While spirit attacks made idiots out of people or broke their brains into pieces, they would never hurt people intentionally.

In order to stay awake, he bit his tongue so hard that blood trickled out his mouth.

Taking a deep breath, he said in a cold tone, "Who do you think you are?

You think you can order me to get me down on my knees?

You? Humph! You're not competent enough to demand that!"

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