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   Chapter 439 Down On Your Knees (Part One)

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In Zen's inner mind, there were nine giant dragons that lay on a mysterious smelting furnace. Each appeared as natural as a living creature.

The nine dragons seemed like engravings on the surface of the furnace. However, Zen was highly suspicious that they were not decorations at all, but real dragons with their own consciousness.

For now, though, only one cyan dragon seemed to be gradually regaining consciousness as Zen's heavenly essence had infiltrated its body. But from the moment it started to move until now, it had not communicated with Zen.

So how did Zen realize the dragon's awakening? There had been two occasions when he was in crisis, and the dragon roared to help him get through those predicaments. The first was during the selection of the cultivation method at Heavenly Library, where he had to face the dominant pressure of Vengeful Beast. The second was during a fight against terrifying and angry ghosts in fairy palace.

Other than those two occasions, the nine dragons usually seemed like decorations, lying quietly on the furnace without any smell of living creatures.

But today, that one cyan dragon took the initiative to communicate with Zen. Why?

It even told him about wanting to devour Jacques' bone spear.

t was true that the mysterious smelting furnace had provided an undeniably large contribution to his current achievements, which he attained with great effort one step at a time. Without the furnace's support in forging his body and spirit at the beginning, and improving his martial arts skills tremendously, it would have been hard for Zen to leave the Luo family home.

While Zen was not aware of the origin of the furnace, he understood that the mystical equipment, with the nine dragons on it, as well as the black flame it produced, was highly valuable and powerful beyond his imagination, and should never be shown to anyone else.

Even after using the black flame in the smelting furnace to melt his weapons and extract the heavenly essence, Zen would still carefully entrust Wurth with its auction. He never dared market it himself, for fear that should a setback o

im drop to his knees.

Compared to human race, the dragon race's power was more terrifying, and sharper.

Ninety percent of the power was pouring itself into Zen, while the remainder was headed to places around the battle ring.

When disciples from each peak sensed the horrendous pressure coming from such power, everyone's face turned dreadfully pale, and disciples with lower cultivation base looked as if they were standing on ice and snow, teeth chattering from the cold, and making loud noises.

'Poof!' came the sound of a body collapsing.

One disciple, without any warning, fainted and fell to the ground.

Casting a glance at Elder Xu, Kenneth said, "I seem to have witnessed too many of the unexpected in this year's All Peaks Competition. This time, unexpectedly, Jacques could even get the spine of a flood dragon."

The spine of a flood dragon could be used to forge weapons and refine pills. After taking this pill, a person's body would be reborn with a trace of the flood dragon's blood!

Such a valuable treasure would arouse even Kenneth's interest.

Of course, because of who he was, Kenneth naturally would never do anything such as stealing Jacques' bone spear.

"Three years ago, I said that Jacques was a man of great luck. As he develops further, he may be able to get more chances and draw even more good luck. I'm afraid this time Zen might be defeated," Elder Xu commented.

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