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   Chapter 438 Flood Dragon Bone Spear (Part Two)

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At this point, Jacques still had not lost the fight. Under the rules, the fight would be over only when one of the fighters admitted defeat or could not fight again. Otherwise, the competition did not stop. Although he had been thrown out of the field by Zen, it might be because the light curtain of enchanted barrier was not sturdy enough to absorb the impact of the collision and thus, cracked. Unless Jacques admitted himself beaten, he had to continue the battle.

By now, Jacques' emotions were complex and indescribable. It was akin to one skilled Chinese go player being matched up with a chess player, but this chess player also had the skills to play go and ultimately won over the go player using the latter's strategy.

Being defeated in what he considered his jurisdiction was far more frustrating and humiliating for Jacques than any loss he had suffered in the past.

Still, he had to return to the fighting field regardless of his feelings and thoughts. Now, his previous arrogant face was replaced by a serious look when he stepped back on the field. Jacques stared at Zen, knowing he must go all out in the coming battle.

Although he had prepared to fight, there were still doubts in Jacques' mind. He had tested the strength of his white bone armor. Zen slammed into the armor with extreme force. If his body were not tough enough to endure such force, his bones would have broken like the enchanted barrier.

But when Jacques returned to the field, he saw Zen standing calmly, without any visible injury. 'How did he do that?' Jacques wondered. It confused him more. Unlike the jumble of emotions that Jacques was feeling, Zen was very much relaxed. After his opponent's return, he just waved his arms, rubbed his hands to prepare, and with a taunting smile, said, "Another hit?

I'm ready for that!"

The daring words left Jacques speechless, his heart nearly plummeting. He nearly felt blood rise to his throat and come out of his mouth. At the same time, what initially seemed like tiny misgivings now turned into incredulity.

His white bone armor could easily withstand the attack from

r made from a section of a flood dragon's spine. You are very lucky to be the first to taste its power in the All Peaks Competition!" With a glint in his eyes, Jacques enunciated each word.

Flood dragon...

Flood dragon was a category of the dragon, although it was far from being a genuine dragon. It was neither a super legendary beast nor even a normal legendary beast. And it would never come close to Tracy's Blue Phoenix.

Unfortunately, while Tracy might have the blood of the Blue Phoenix, her current strength was still not enough for her to master the total power of the Phoenix.

In Jacques' hand was a part of the dragon's spine. Just how powerful the flood dragon bone spear was, no one knew for sure.

But right after Zen heard the dragon roar from the bone spear, he felt subtle changes in his mind. He sensed the cyan dragon on the giant furnace in his mind shook a little, which was followed by a barely perceptible roar from the creature.

The dragon language was strange and complicated, and one Zen did not comprehend. Many of its syllables were barely audible or were undetectable by human ears.

So, it took him by surprise that right this moment, it was clear to him what the dragon's roar meant.


You want to eat that bone spear made of the flood dragon's spine?' he asked in his head. Once he understood the dragon's intent, a strange look came over Zen's face.

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