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   Chapter 437 Flood Dragon Bone Spear (Part One)

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More than a hundred dragon scales were activated simultaneously, generating even more power for Zen's body like flood peaking between canyons. The energy that flowed through his body was so intense that his shoulders became swollen, and his blood vessels were distended as if dragons were flying on the surface of his skin.

As they were about to collide, Jacques laughed and then roared, "I will smash you to pieces!"

However, Zen managed to avoid the sharp horns of Jacques' white bone armor and directly hit him on the shoulder!


With the strength of the two opposing forces, their collision created a loud thudding sound that echoed.

To the surprise of everyone who witnessed the violent impact, Jacques, in his white bone armor, was knocked down and then thrown from one edge of the fighting ground to another. And finally, he slammed into the light curtain of enchanted barrier!

In the past, some disciples also crashed into the same barrier with the force of a single punch.

Designed to protect disciples from collisions that usually took place during such contests, the light curtain of enchanted barrier was very soft.

Its primary function was to separate disciples from viewers during competitions, so it was not built to withstand powerful collisions. But Zen summoned all the explosive forces from the dragon scales as he slammed into Jacques.

If Jacques, in his white bone armor, was referred to as a war chariot, Zen was then regarded as a ferocious beast.

Such powerful and pure force was unleashed on Jacques, causing him to hurtle backward. This collision force exceeded the limit the enchanted barrier could bear. Spectators could only see from outside the barrier when the light curtain shook a few times and were aghast when they noticed cracks in the structure like those in a broken mirror before it finally burst into pieces.

While i

ed just now, and everyone was suddenly terrified. The talented disciple had done exceptionally well to the astonishment of the entire Cloud Sect in this All Peaks Competition.

While most of those present were confused and scared, Jacques, who was one of the heroes in the scene, had even more mixed feelings. He finally stood up with the help of his companions. Before colliding with Zen, he had been very excited, expecting to see this arrogant young fighter get smashed to pieces before his eyes. But as they crashed into one another, the excitement was replaced by confusion. No one knew better the power Zen used to fight than Jacques. Being hurled out of the battlefield, he was no longer confused but fearful. Now, there was only a look of helplessness on his face.

He knew in his mind that Zen was a tough fighter. Prior to their meeting, Jacques also considered himself fierce with sufficient strength to defeat his opponents. To his surprise, Zen was more ruthless and tougher than himself. Confident in the capacity of his white bone armor, Jacques threatened to crush Zen to pieces. But Zen, without a hint of fear, didn't even dodge his attack but instead met him head-on with hard crushing power to overwhelm him and then finally had the upper hand.

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