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   Chapter 436 Crash Into You (Part Two)

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However, when he saw Zen use his basic swordsmanship, he realized that if he lowered himself to the nature level, he would never be able to defeat Zen. Jacques had to abandon the plan then. Reluctantly, he admitted that Zen might have more talent and potential than him.

"It's not my time to use it yet," Zen said as the demonic phantoms flew around him.

"If you don't use it now, you will not get another chance!" Jacques was onto Zen before he even finished speaking, darting over to him in moments.

His white bone armor had overwhelming defensive power. Even the armor of the fairy weapon was inferior to it. His armor was made out of his own life vitality and did not burden him with weight. It was connected to his mind, so he could control it more smoothly as if it was an extension of his body.

Jacques stood before him, a threatening aura emanating from him, but Zen was in no hurry. Zen controlled his six demonic phantoms mentally and they rushed over to Jacques at the same time.


Jacques, covered with the white bone armor, was like a human-shaped chariot that hit the six demonic phantoms.

His white bone armor was tough, but the demonic phantoms were not weak either. At the first hit itself, the demonic phantoms intercepted Jacques.

Jacques took a slow, deep breath and sneered. Several more patches of blood fog exploded, surrounding him. The almost-perfect white bone armor now had some new modifications. Two horns were added to it, leaving it more defensive than ever.

"I didn't expect your summoning to have this kind of strength. Let's see how you resist me this time!" Jacques bolted to Zen once again. He was truly confident about his strength. Without u

nfront the tough armor with the strength of his body?"

"Jacques is wearing the white bone armor, that means he is hidden behind a brilliant defense shield," someone said. "Nothing except a fairy weapon can break into his armor. Zen is not using his sword. He wants to use his physical body. That's why he is slamming into Jacques."

"Are you serious? Jacques is like a human-shaped chariot. He can crush opponents with the white bone armor alone. I accept that Zen has an innate superhuman strength and that his body is tough, but how can he survive running into Jacques's shield?"

Jacques too seemed stunned and curious, but then his face shifted to show glee. He had been afraid that Zen would play a kind of guerrilla war with him. If Zen had dodged him at first and then kept evading him, it would be difficult for Jacques to attack him. However, this guy didn't run away. Instead, he dashed at Jacques? 'Is he insane?' Jacques wondered. 'Fine, as you wish. I will disable you, so that nobody would dare compare you with me again!'

Just as they were about to bump into each other, the dragon scales in Zen's mind lit up.

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