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   Chapter 435 Crash Into You (Part One)

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Jacques got popular at the All Peaks Competition when he rose to the top last time, a clear black horse in the running. As a personal disciple who was only at grade two of the nature level, Jacques making to the list of top 100 had shocked the disciples of Cloud Sect.

He managed to overturn the status quo and did well in the more difficult challenges against the higher-level disciples.

His miraculous performance had long been discussed by many delighted spectators.

It was largely assumed that nobody else would be able to achieve the same feats as Jacques, for it was truly diff

to see the six demonic phantoms. "Won't you use a sword?"

Zen's unnaturally good basic swordsmanship had left a deep impression in Jacques, which was one of the reasons he didn't dare to lower his cultivation level.

In the past, he wouldn't have cared about what Zen thought. Even if Zen didn't need him to, Jacques would have lowered himself to fight Zen. After all, Jacques had formed a habit of challenging those who belonged to higher levels of cultivation. A youngling of a low level challenging him? It seemed ludicrous to him. Jacques was so conceited that he refused to accept it.

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