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   Chapter 434 Sparks (Part Two)

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He had pinned a lot of hopes this time but with Yehudi's failure at the very beginning of the competition, the hearts of Master Wen and other masters of Drizzle Peak had sunk to the bottom.

However, to all of their surprises, Zen had powered through every match and overcome every opponent, regardless of how strong they were. He had kept on winning all the time and had finally arrived at stage that he was in now. Master Wen's hopes now lay on him now.

Apart from letting out a cry of exclamation, he truly did not know what else to say.

'It's a pity that Aura is not here to see this. I wonder what would her expressions be if she could see her favorite disciple achieve so many things..' Master Wen wondered in his head.

'Unfortunately, a rumor has swept through the entire Burning Sky Empire these days—the Burning Sky Palace is suffering from an internal strife. Some princes are scrambling for the throne, and somehow Aura is involved in it. What a shame...'

Master Wen was, after all, a master from the same peak as Aura was. The two knew each other well, and that was one of the primary reasons he had been keeping an eye on the Burning Sky Palace and collecting information about Aura. But given that his position was not very high in the hierarchy, he was not so well-informed as Saint Viana was. Accordingly, he had no idea that Aura had already been put under house confinement.

Considering the complete lack of messages from Aura, he naturally deducted that Aura was not doing very well and might even be under some sort of confinement.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that he could do to help her.

And at that moment, Master Wen's eyes lit up suddenly! He had had an idea.


Perhaps Zen can help Aura!

He has just defeated Tracy. As long as he doesn't act below par, there is no doubt that he is going to make it to the top 3! He is totally qualified to try the Cloud Road!

If he really does pass the test of the Cloud Road and gets admitted into the Cloud Hall, he would be able to assist Aura.

If Zen joins the Cloud Hall, then it is true that most probably, his strength won't be able to match Elder Xu or Kenneth of Cloud Sect in a short spell, but I am sure that he is going to be of a lot of help. After all, if inside the Cloud Hall, his future is

ich was excluded from their calculation at the moment.

More importantly, it was the ones above them who would determine the order of top seats on the Cloud Sect Ranking as well as the ranking of this All Peaks Competition. What the crowd was most concerned about was the confrontation among them.

Of course, that did not mean that these disciples did not care for the contests among other participants. After all, the competition for the top 100 was directly going to decide the ranking of the 33 peaks, and that was, perhaps, the second most important thing for the disciples.

As the people looked on with great expectations, waiting for the next round to begin, wondering who was going to come next, the referee finally declared the opening of a highly crucial match, "Personal disciple Jacques versus Zen of Drizzle Peak!"

Previously when Jacques had stepped into the arena, he had proclaimed that he wanted to challenge Zen. He had been so sure of himself that he had promised he would restrain his Illuminating Soul Realm cultivation within the nature level. But it turned out that Zen was even more arrogant, and had answered that Jacques did not need to restrain his level of cultivation and they were going to have a fair duel when the time came!

The duo had become quite hostile towards each other even before coming on-stage. Now, with their match up next, they were finally going to encounter each other during the round-robin.

Every single person in the audience knew clearly that they now had a huge drama to watch!

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