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   Chapter 433 Sparks (Part One)

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In the bright and warm sunlight, the Streamer Sword shone exuberantly. As it traveled across the air, the light spots reflected all through its body from the sun started to dance on the surface.

As Zen lifted the sword right up to Tracy's throat with a simple flick, the light spots traveled slowly from the hilt to the tip. Right now, the sword blade was just a mere inch away from Tracy's pure white neck. Or one could say that Tracy was only an inch away from certain death now.

The distance was so short that if Zen's Streamer Sword had flung forward even slightly, Tracy's head would have certainly fallen off.

"Stay down! I don't know the first thing about this burning blood essence. And if you jeopardize your life span, that's none of my concern. But I know your strength might increase a lot with this spell. So of course, I am not going to give you an opportunity to utilize it. You stay put. Or you die!" Zen was expressionless in his threat, even though his demeanor was frightening. His voice sounded very cold, and seemed to possess no tenderness even towards this beautiful woman. As if to enforce his stance, the Streamer Sword in his hand shoved a centimeter forward. Under his fine control, its tip pierced her delicate skin and wisps of blood started trickling down from the fine cut that it had made.

The reason behind his stern stance was that even though he was clueless about what that burning blood essence was, he knew that it could have increased Tracy's strength to a terrible extent, especially if the price of doing it was her life span. Now that Zen had gained an advantage in this game, he had decided that he wasn't going to give her any chance now.

Tracy sensed the icy sword intent pressed against her neck and her taut shoulders seemed to loosen a bit. Right now, she was rooted to the spot like a puppet who had been left free on its strings.

In her entire lifetime, she had never been so close to death before.

At the sight of her almost defeated, Patrick, who was standing outside the arena, breathed a sigh of reli

affection. However, Tracy shook his hand off like a cranky child, and then stumped into a corner and sat down, her cheeks swollen in her anger.

She was pouting. As someone who had been taking care of Tracy like a big brother for a long time now, Patrick knew everything about Tracy's temper. 'Well, it's alright. Perhaps experiencing some failure will do some good to her mindset and she might be less cranky in the future!

The important thing is that Zen did a great job in the arena. At the very least, he stopped Tracy from burning her entire blood essence at the expense of reducing her life span...'

Burning blood essence was something a practitioner would do only in extremely dire circumstances. Cutting down one's own lifetime in order to win a match was the sort of thing that probably only Tracy would do.

Therefore, Patrick turned his face towards the arena and nodded at Zen, giving him a grateful smile.

Zen smiled back as well before stepping out of the arena.

They both knew that they were bound to spar soon.

Watching Zen exit the arena triumphantly, Master Wen felt all sorts of feelings well up inside his heart.

He had been leading Drizzle Peak for a long time now and from the very first time that his disciples had participated in the All Peaks Competition, his biggest dream had been to see one of them wedge his way into the top 100.

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