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   Chapter 432 Burning Blood Essence (Part Two)

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It was hard to predict who would win in the fight since both Zen's and Tracy's strengths exceeded the normal level of the other disciples in the All Peaks Competition. Even their previous battles and experiences weren't of much help. Only when the match was over could they conclude the winner!


The sword that Zen held cut upward, right through the five blue claw prints.

An ear-splitting screeching sound, similar to claws scratching a smooth surface, came from the collision between Zen's Streamer Sword and the five blue claw prints.

"Oh my god!"

"What is this noise?!"

"It makes me dizzy! I'm going to vomit!"

A lot of disciples who practiced poorly found the screech quite unbearable. Even those disciples who had reached the nature level consummation had gone pale--they were a bit uncomfortable, but they could tolerate it for the time being.

Those disciples who had reached the level of Illuminating Soul Realm frowned slightly and barely reacted to the sound.

A fierce sword intent wrapped the three-foot sword's simple chop and continuously melted the unusually aggressive claw prints. However, the claw of the Blue Phoenix was quite powerful too. If one were to look closely, they would find countless small wind shears around the claw prints which endlessly tore at the Streamer Sword.

Fortunately, Zen's Streamer Sword was a fairy weapon, so it was strong enough to resist the small wind shears' attacks. If it was just a mysterious or a spiritual weapon, it would've been torn into two by now.

After a mere second, Zen's chop of the sword had finally taken over the blue claw prints and hacked them into pieces.

"The blue claw prints are broken..."

"It looks like Zen's sword is stronger than the claw prints!"

"Zen only had an advantage over Tracy because of his weapon!" one of the disciples in the crowd said. "After all, he has a fairy weapon in his hands, and Tracy has nothing except h

in the form of bleeding holes on his body.

And that was what she did. Two Emei Pricks pierced Zen's shoulder when the body of the Blue Phoenix was activated.

However, Zen had the upper hand when he raised his sword. Tracy felt that she was no match for him anymore!

'Zen is just at grade two of the nature level. Maybe he is special, but how can he even compete with me?

How can he fight against me?

He's just a nobody among hundreds of thousands of disciples in Cloud Sect! He is just one among the countless grains of sand!

How can he win against me with the fucking basic swordsmanship, which he learned from nowhere!' Tracy angrily thought to herself.

"I will never lose to you!" Tracy gritted her teeth and angrily declared.

Her eyes began to blaze a fiery red. It only meant one thing: she was going to burn the blood of the Blue Phoenix.

At that moment, Patrick, who stood next to the battlefield, saw that Tracy was forced to retreat by Zen's basic swordsmanship. When he noticed the ruthless and vicious look on Tracy's face, he knew what was going to happen.

His mouth immediately went dry. "Tracy, don't be stupid! Zen, Tracy is going to burn the blood essence! It will damage her body for life! Stop her!" he shouted, panic evident in his voice.

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