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   Chapter 431 Burning Blood Essence (Part One)

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Basic swordsmanship?

The crowd at the current match in Cloud Sect was rendered speechless by what they just saw. Never was such a basic technique used against a powerful opponent.

There was only one person who was somewhat glad in the sea of astonished people--it was Zachary, from the Ninety-foot Peak.

He had already seen what Zen's excellent basic swordsmanship was capable of, so he understood why the people were shocked by what he did.

'Maybe Zen's skill just shook them to death!' he thought. Back when Zachary first saw Zen use the basic swordsmanship on the Seven Star Sword Light Platform, he wasn't faced with a tougher opponent.

However, now that he was fighting a much stronger foe--he still used the basic swordsmanship! Because of that, Zachary believed that the people were more surprised or even uneasy than he was at that time.

The basic swordsmanship was the first set of sword techniques that most martial artists came across. There were also other kinds of primary techniques such as the basic spearsmanship, basic fist position, and so on.

In general, an aspiring martial artist would master the whole set of the basic swordsmanship in his childhood, then practice the other kinds of swordsmanship later on using the basic set as the foundation.

The basic swordsmanship was quite simple, so it was hard to fight powerful enemies with it because it lacked advanced tactics and power. Therefore, no one would use this kind of swordsmanship in such a grueling fight.

It was like using a one-plus-one algorithm to solve complex math problems--so one could imagine just how strenuous that was!

"Has Zen turned into a complete fool?"

"How could he use the basic swordsmanship with a fairy weapon? Does he think this battle with Tracy is a joke?"

"Fighting with the basic swordsmanship in the All Peaks Competition of Cloud Sec

ong sense of threat.

She knew it was a simple move of chop, but she was also aware that its strength wasn't as simple as it looked. There seemed to be many hidden mysteries in Zen's version of the move with the sword.

"It's amazing that you have such special swordsmanship, but you are still no match for me if you only have the sword!" Tracy declared.

The shadow of the Blue Phoenix behind her suddenly radiated a bright beam of light, and the life vitality in her hands gradually increased.

"The claw of the Blue Phoenix!" Tracy shouted.

After that, she bent her fingers and formed several sharp blue nails using the mix of blue light and life vitality, then immediately tried to claw Zen.

Five blue claw imprints, each containing the ferocious strength of the Blue Phoenix, appeared in the air after Tracy tried to tear Zen.

The Blue Phoenix was one of the legendary beasts. Even though there was just a small part of the Blue Phoenix's blood in Tracy's body, she was still a terrifying force to reckon.

Most of the disciples in Cloud Sect thought that Zen might win the competition with his rare move of chop, but when they felt the immense strength of the Blue Phoenix in Tracy's body, they changed their minds.

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