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   Chapter 429 The Legendary Beast Blue Phoenix

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Hearing the referee announced the next match, Tracy flashed a smile. Standing on the battle ring, she looked at Zen with her pretty eyes and said in a happy tone, "After I've waited for so long, the moment finally came! Zen, I can't say that this is your lucky day. I suppose you cannot run away anymore!"

Zen looked at Tracy with a slight smile and said indifferently, "To be honest, unlike you, I'm not looking forward to this fight at all."

"Why?" asked Tracy, pouting her lips.

"Because I don't know what I'll do if I win," Zen said flatly.

Tracy had challenged Zen and said the losing party would be punished at the discretion of the winning party.

"Are you sure you can beat me?" Tracy asked boldly, raising her fine eyebrows gently.

"I guess so," Zen said lightly and nodded rather positively.

"All right. I just planned to give you a little punishment, but now I have changed my mind. Once I defeat you, you'll be my horse and I will ride you whenever I want. You bend your knees and arms like a real live horse!" she said without the slightest intention of joking.

After that, Tracy raised her slender fingers to her head and took two Emei pricks from her hair.

The two one-foot-long Emei pricks were her hair ornaments when not used as weapons.

"Ah, that's a risky gamble and the stake is just too high! How could she ask Zen to be her horse?" one disciple complained.

"She is really going too far. If Zen loses to her, he has to listen to her every order!" another disciple added with full of concern for Zen.

But since every disciple had seen what Tracy had done to Bass, no one dared to provoke her. Nobody would know what would happen when they irritated the little demon. She would completely disregard the rules of the competition and just punished everyone to her liking.

"I agree, but only if you can really beat me!" Zen replied shortly.

"Very well! It seems that you still look down on me," Tracy said, slightly pouting her lips. "Then you are bound to regret!"

She exercised her skills and turned the two Emei pricks in her hand into two blue-grey sharp shadows rushing towards Zen.

In her previous matches, Tracy had already shown her remarkable speed. Many disciples of the Cloud Sect were astonished about it and regarded it as total perfection.

Just as the two sharp shadows were about to pierce through Zen's body, he easily avoided them by a gentle movement of his feet.

Tracy surely went all out in this match.

Patrick once commented that if Tracy's talent ranked the second place among the disciples in Cloud Sect, then he thought no one would dare to rank the first place.

Although Tracy's talent was second to none, unfortunately, she did not like to practice persistently. She would practice her skills for a few days and then do stuff that was just a waste of her talent for the other days.

Despite having less time to practice, she still had amazing strength and power.

"Feather Pricks!" Tracy shouted as she exercised her special skill.

With her own special skills, Tracy created several ghost shadows.

Once the speed of anything, whether it was human or other objects, reached u

disciples had all heard about all sorts of legends about the legendary beasts

but none of them had seen any of them.

And now that the personal disciple Tracy had the blood of the legendary beast Blue Phoenix, it was a mind-blowing revelation for everyone.

According to the legends, the strongest super legendary beasts belonged to the four major races: Cyan Dragon, Crimson Rosefinch, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise. The other less powerful super legendary beasts were the Roc, Blue Phoenix, the Nine-Colored Deer, and so on.

As the blood boiled inside Tracy, she was gradually emitting more life vitality that slowly condensed and transformed into a faint shadow of Blue Phoenix.

The Blue Phoenix shadow was faint, but it exuded a strong sense of power.

Even the Elders who were maintaining the order of the competition showed caution on their faces. Although they could sense no threats with Tracy's current strength, the sight of the legendary beast impressed them.

"I don't know why, but I hate you. I hate your look and your behaviors, so I must teach you a good lesson!" said Tracy arrogantly. At the moment, her momentum had completely changed. From her evil and righteous character, she turned into a noble and superior goddess!

Zen was a little speechless at the sight of the changed Tracy. Judging from Patrick's tone, it seemed that Tracy couldn't activate the body of Blue Phoenix at will. He also had no clue as to when and where he had irritated the little girl that resulted to this.

Originally, he thought it would be easy to win this match, but he absolutely did not expect the Tracy had a hidden trump card.

After her transformation, her presence was dominating that it almost suffocated Zen.

'It looks like it's time to take things seriously, ' Zen thought to himself as he took his Streamer Sword out of his Space Ring.

Zen had planned to use the sword only when fighting with Rocher or Patrick. Yet, in the face of the transformed Tracy, Zen had no choice but to use it because he knew that if he continued to hide strength, he was most likely to be defeated by Tracy!

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