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   Chapter 428 One Move

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The Buddhist cultivation method was a class of its own. Despite being low-key and mysterious, it had its own strong power.

Since there wasn't any book about the Buddhist cultivation method even in the Heavenly Library of Cloud Sect, nobody knew where Patrick learned these Buddhist cultivation methods.

Patrick said he would use three moves, but it was only one move. He resisted Wing twice with the impenetrable defense made from his life vitality.

The move he was about to use for counterattack was called The Samsara of Buddhism.

The samsara in Buddhism was described as the ultimate destination of a dead person's soul. The soul of a dead person wouldn't just disappear but would be sent to any of the six realms of existence, namely three good realms (heavenly, demi-god, human) and three evil realms (animal, ghosts, hellish).

At the moment, six small golden balls were suddenly beside Patrick. These small balls were bright gold on the surface with different characters engraved on each representing the six realms.

Patrick hadn't cultivated enough so the small balls were in such a state. If he was able to achieve a higher level of the Samsara of Buddhism from his cultivation, there would be six different small worlds within the balls like the space in the space ring.

However, there was no living thing in the space ring, while the six small balls had real worlds in them.

If these small balls could create six worlds, Patrick's strength would be so unimaginably powerful. Even Kenneth would probably be killed in seconds.

As soon as they appeared, the small balls started to spin rapidly that they formed a whirlpool in front of Patrick.

Patrick's cultivation method looked nothing special. After he summoned the Samsara of Buddhism, only a gentle and ordinary whirlpool appeared.

But this was the nature of the Buddhist cultivation–it looked gentle and common, but nobody would dare to deny its strong power.

"Put on an air! Break it!"

Wing waved his treasured machete and tried to shatter it.

The Shura Chop was Wing's strongest attack, but he never used it in his previous matches because the opponents didn't deserve it.

Wing might be arrogant, but he was no fool to turn a blind eye to Patrick's powerful might. Patrick didn't become the second best in Cloud Sect for nothing.

So Wing exerted all his strength. Even a lion would use all its strength to capture its prey. And since Patrick was stronger than Wing, the latter must not falter at all cost.

Wing congealed the cutter intent into a much stronger grey cutter light which was stronger than that made from the life vitality. When Wing finished cultivating this move, he had used it to cut a 200-foot-high mount.

He cut through the whole mount with the Shura Chop once.

The machete was one of the top weapons. The warrior cultivating to the extreme could even split the mountain and ground effortlessly.

As soon as the fierce cutter energy appeared, t

sing to the disciples from the thirty-three peaks, the group of the personal disciples felt embarrassed.

Fortunately, Patrick avenged them and proved that the personal disciples were unbeatable. They once again became bold and elated.

"Why are you shouting? You only have Patrick, while we have Rocher, Zen, and other geniuses. We have a shot in winning the All Peaks Competition this year," some of the disciples from the thirty-three peaks retorted upon hearing the satire remarks from the personal disciples.

"Zen? The disciple at the second grade of the nature level? Rocher? The one at the consummation of nature level? Don't be silly! You just have these two disciples, but neither of them is a match for Patrick! You really can't stop daydreaming, can you?"

the personal disciples answered back sarcastically.

The disciples from the thirty-three peaks and personal disciples started to taunt each other and then flung abuses.

The Cloud Sect elders and the referees didn't stop the commotion.

Any warrior mustn't lack the warm blood. The whole Cloud Sect was like a cage of crickets and they let the disciples fight against each other in it. The last one standing would be cultivated to be more talented and powerful than others.

Only the human was not cricket. The fight in Cloud Sect was not to kill limitlessly. They set reasonable rules to inspire the warm blood of the disciples and let them develop their greatest talent.

The quarrels and abuses got more tense. When they were about to fight, two elders coming from above released two violent powers that frightened all the disciples.

"That's enough! Your strength can't be proven with your mouth, but only by fighting in the arena!"

The fight among the audience finally ceased. But both the personal disciples and thirty-three peaks disciples wanted to get their pride in the next rounds.

The referee finally announced the next round, "Zen from Drizzle Peak versus the personal disciple Tracy."

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