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   Chapter 426 The Blood Condensation Pill (Part Two)

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However, it was undeniable that Zen was not a weak person, and the disciples had to admit this, including the fact that he was strong enough to be among the top-ranked disciples of Cloud Sect.

After the intermezzo, the competition resumed and Zen returned to the base of Drizzle Peak.

The ones most worried about Zen's safety were of course Master Wen and the Drizzle Peak disciples. All they could do was stand by helplessly, unable to help Zen in his match. After all, the leader and saints were present, thus preventing them from speaking a word in front of them.

Everyone held their breath until they saw Zen land on his feet safely. Upon his return, they were just as filled with envy seeing the pill given by the leader to Zen. Although they had no idea what the Blood Condensation Pill was, since it came from the leader, they knew it must be a rare treasure.

Finally, Zen sat down and took the pill.

The Blood Condensation Pill had a unique taste and instantly melted in the mouth. It released a strong smell of blood, and Zen almost felt that he was not taking a pill, but sucking fresh blood.

After several minutes, Zen could feel the blood pulsing through his body and his face burning and turning red. The rush of blood flow was twice as fast as normal. It was the Blood Condensation Pill in action.

As previously explained, it was expected to increase pneuma and blood. The rapid flow of blood was good for the body and the faster it flowed, the more distinctive the promotion.

With the pill's effects released to the maximum extent, Zen could feel the blood burning in his vessels.

Rather than discomfort, Zen felt himself full of energy.

He smiled as he took a deep breath of satisfaction.

While Zen was meditating and absorbing the pill, the competition continued in high gear.

For the other disciples, Zen's assassination by saints was only an episode in the A

performance impressed everyone. And it took everyone by surprise to see that Zen was also a master of soul attack. Even Johanson, who had trained his soul intensely, could not withstand Zen's soul attack, let alone Jose.

It was extremely difficult to practice the soul.

And most martial artists never got the chance to even reach that level.

In the several rounds that ensued, when people faced Zen, no sooner had the competition started than most would toss their hands in defeat. So, Zen just moved from the field to his seat without actually fighting.

Tracy had become very depressed.

After several rounds of drawing lots, she still hadn't met Zen.

She already harbored thoughts of having someone play a trick in the drawing of lots to arrange it, so she and Zen ended up in the same group.

After that incident, even a fool could see that Johanson versus Zen was not just spontaneous. The two saints had designed the entire thing to kill Zen. At this point, even she was in a special position in Cloud Sect, no one dared to help her cheat in the lot drawing.

Each time when it was her turn to draw lots, she would murmur his name, again and again, hoping to get Zen to be her opponent. But the results of the competition raised her hopes repeatedly.

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