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   Chapter 425 The Blood Condensation Pill (Part One)

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The blow dealt by Kenneth's hand disturbed the vitality of heaven and earth.

His fist let out a faint yellow light, which shot straight up into the sky, chasing the direction of Saint Viana's escape. Everyone present had their eyes fixed on that light.

With admirable cultivation base, he being at the Illuminating Soul Realm, Saint Viana made full use of his life vitality to escape at a super-fast speed.

The speed was so astonishing that Saint Viana quickly turned into a mere speck in the sky in a blink of an eye.

As astonishing as Saint Viana's speed was, it could never compare to the velocity of the light released from Kenneth's fist. This light seemed to travel through space before it hit the small speck in the sky in an instant!

People with excellent vision watched in horror as the light struck Saint Viana and instantly burst into pieces before finally falling towards the ground like a rain of blood.

Long distance notwithstanding, Kenneth still managed to kill Saint Viana with just a fist. The sight sent a chill up everyone's spine. Kenneth's power was beyond everyone's imagination.

Rooted to the spot was Saint Zara. Seeing the tragic end of Saint Viana stunned him. And his now ashen face showed how scared he was.

In his fear, the idea of running away at that very moment crossed his mind. He thought that with their fast speed, they could run in different directions and there would be at least one person who could successfully escape and survive. But when he thought about the idea again, he considered it quite childish aside from being ridiculous.

Kenneth's eyes bored into Saint Zara's as he uttered coldly, "Zara, considering your great contribution to Cloud Sect all these years, and you were only egged on by Viana, I've decided to just punish you by ordering

Zen's excellent performance in the competition, the disciples of Cloud Sect had a clearer impression of the young Luo's strength.

Before meeting Johanson, people thought there was a chance for Zen to enter the top 10 since he was not expected to beat the personal disciple, who was anticipated to be in the top five. No one certainly expected Johanson to be completely overpowered by Zen in assassination, which was the personal disciple's specialization.

The power of the young Luo had become unfathomable in the disciples' eyes.

Still, what was most important for Zen was Kenneth's earlier comment about him.

"You are not bad!"

Kenneth was the leader of Cloud Sect and considered a divine figure of the Eastern Region.

There once was an emperor of the Burning Sky Empire named Kane, who was stronger than Kenneth. But since his disappearance, Kenneth became the No. 1 in the Eastern Region.

Hearing the No. 1 in the region say "not bad" undoubtedly was a great honor for Zen.

With Zen earning high praise from Kenneth, who would dare look down upon him?

Despite Kenneth's praise, it was not enough for people to believe Zen could take the first place in the All Peaks Competition.

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