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   Chapter 424 Punish The Saints

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The growl pierced through the thin air and came loud and clear to everyone's ears. Hundreds of thousands of disciples, including the disciples who had received punishments at the Hell Mountain, and the inner disciples and outer disciples from the thirty-three peaks, felt the sound ringing in their ears at the same time.

"Who is that? Who made that horrible sound?"

"It's coming from the foot of the mountain. But why is it still so loud after traveling all this way? Is it a human sound?"

At that moment, the faces of many outer disciples turned ghastly pale. In their mind, the person who could roar that loudly must be someone out of legend.

The disciples from the thirty-three peaks were shocked into silence, and one could imagine how terrified the disciples around the arena were.

But the sound grew ever louder, this time it reached critical mass. The force of it knocked many disciples and even some masters down to the ground.

Only a few people could withstand it, like Rocher, Wing, and a few personal disciples. But their faces were all pale. Obviously, it cost them much life vitality to resist the horrible sound wave.

In fact, the sound wave was actually a form of highly condensed energy. Ninety-nine percent of the sound wave condensed into a bright yellow ripple, rushing directly into the arena and breaking the purple light into pieces.

At the same time, Johanson, who hid in the black shadow, stumbled and fell out from his hiding place. He was near the bright yellow ripple, and it was a devastating attack. Right now, his face was as pale as a piece of white paper. After he fell, he spat a mouthful of blood.

The sound wave was well aimed. It came precisely to its target without missing an inch. It suddenly disappeared after it smashed the purple light in front of Zen.

Zen was also affected by the force emitted from the sound wave, but not that seriously.

'Obviously, the shout is meant to stop the contest. But who did that? That thing is incredibly strong...' Zen thought. Shocked as Zen was, he felt fortunate that the sound wave wasn't aimed at him. If the sound wave just came at him, he would have been shredded by it.

In a short while, a middle-aged man appeared out of thin air, at first transparent, then very real, floating in the air. It was the leader of the Cloud Sect—Kenneth.

He was followed by Elder Xu.

"It is probably the leader who roared that way."

"It's incredible. The roaring of the leader just saved Zen! But why did the leader help him?"

"Is this the real strength of the leader? It's stunning. If he hadn't gathered the sound and focused it that way, everyone would have died from it!"

At this time, the referees and the several elders all pressed their hands together and bowed to Kenneth, "Sir!"

Zen raised his head and looked at Kenneth. He stood there silently, myriad feelings beginning to stir in him.

'The supreme level of the martial arts is indeed powerful beyond imagining. But when can I reach the level of the leader?' Zen wondered.

Kenneth glanced at Zen casually and then he said seriously, "Viana, Zara, you old bastards, come on out here!"

The disciples were all confused now.

Viana and Zara? Was he referring to Saint Viana and Saint Zara, two of the ten great saints in the Cloud Sect?

Did the leader roar just because of them? Most

ples already watched the scenes through the Picture Slab. All the disciples, including the outer disciples and inner disciples, bristled with rage and their eyes flamed with anger.

"What's going on here? Why the hell would saints kill someone at the All Peaks Competition?"

"It is said that the Cloud Sect has the strictest rules. I'm afraid that those rules are only applied to disciples like us. But the saints can do what they want!"

"Punish them, the way you would punish a disciple! They can't get off scot free, even if they are saints! They should be killed! Killed! Killed!"

The disciples of the thirty-three peaks were all filled with immense chagrin. But as the venue for the competition was far from the thirty-three peaks, no one possessed the ability to shout that far like Kenneth did.

"Sir, please let me explain. It is true that I did interfere in the battle. But I lost my head. It was Saint Viana. He egged me on..." Saint Zara was not a cruel man in his bone. He did hesitate before he took action. And it was Saint Viana who pushed him to make up his mind.

"Zara, don't slander me. Johanson is your disciple. And you released the purple light to attack Zen. Why do you lay all this on me?" Saint Viana had no choice but try to keep himself clean from this matter. But as he spoke, he noticed the murderous look in Kenneth's eyes

He suddenly realized that Kenneth was about to kill them!

They tried to assassinate a disciple in the fight during the All Peaks Competition, under the watchful eyes of all the disciples of the Cloud Sect. If no one got punished for this, the reputation of the Cloud Sect would be greatly harmed.

But what was the price for breaking the rules? The answer was obvious.

Thinking of this, Saint Viana suddenly flew into the air. He zoomed off into the distance.

Compared to Saint Zara, who tended to slowly consider everything from every angle, Saint Viana was a decisive and ruthless man. He knew that the only way he'd be able to stay was to face death. He figured if he could escape, maybe he'd stay alive.

Seeing Saint Viana fly away, Kenneth sneered. Then he raised his strong arm and suddenly thrust it into the air, aiming straight at the flying saint.

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