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   Chapter 423 A Way To Defeat Zen

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It was Saint Zara who had spoken through his life vitality.

Her original plan was to let Johanson pretend to kill Zen "unintentionally".

An unintentional killing was likely to happen in the matches between the Kung Fu masters. With Johanson and Zen being both amazingly powerful, the first move must not falter. Otherwise, Zen could find an opportunity to fight back and defeat Johanson.

Amidst a heated battle, it would be difficult for someone to stop mid-attack, especially when using full force.

And with Johanson's sword that aimed to kill at first strike, unintentional killing would be a reasonable excuse for Zen's death in the battle ring.

Saint Viana's plan would have been perfect, however, no one expected that Zen had concealed his real strength all this time.

Johanson thought that his soul attack could defeat Zen, but instead, it was Zen's soul attack that caused the first much damage.

Even his snake-shaped short sword was completely defeated by Zen's broken flying knife.

How was it even possible?

It was only then that they realized that Zen had concealed his real strength.

And since Zen's strength was far beyond Johanson's, the unintentional killing plan had failed.

Johanson felt Zen's killing intent. He would die if he wouldn't concede now.

But Saint Zara told Johanson not to concede.

"Keep on fighting, Johanson!"

Johanson's face turned gloomy. How could Saint Zara expect Johanson to keep fighting with this crazy guy? Zen's broken flying knife alone had inflicted great damage to Johanson. What more could Zen's other attack do to him?

"Master, if I don't concede, I will die in Zen's hands!" Johanson wailed through his life vitality.

Zen was now breaking Johanson's shadow covering. It was only a matter of time before Zen could completely break the shadow covering, and by then, it would be too late for Johanson to escape.

"Don't worry, Johanson. I have another plan! I can control the magic array on the stage and form an attack to Zen using it. What you need to do is disguise it as your own and let others believe it is from you. I'm confident that we can kill Zen with just one hit!" Saint Zara continued.

"Can you really do that? Aren't you afraid the other elders will discover our tricks?" Hesitation was clouding Johanson's eyes as he saw Zen continuously destroying the shadows.

There was indeed no absolute fairness in the All Peaks Competition. Take for example what Tracy did. She had broken the rules of the competition but was not disqualified by the judge, because what she did was still tolerable by the elders.

However, Saint Zara's idea was somewhat impractical because he wanted to take advantage of the magic array to kill Zen intentionally. If the elders found out, he would face grave consequences.

Johanson wasn't sold in the idea, but he didn't know how to tell Saint Zara that he refused.

His birthright as a member of the Shadow Group had greatly contributed to his present achievements.

But the group had been living a miserable life since they were defeated, so w

ciple. There was no way a Saint would waste his energy for a low-level disciple.

But today was different. Saint Zara had been saving up his strength and intended to kill Zen with one hit.

It would be impossible for Zen to block that attack from a master in the ultimate grade of the Illuminating Soul Realm.

But no matter what, he must defend himself.

Zen's martial will was firmer than any other disciples.

Even if he suspected that someone was helping Johanson and he felt like a rabbit being chased by a lion, he was fearless and determined to win.

Fear was just a useless emotion adopted by the weak to defend themselves from the shame of losing.

Zen summoned the six demonic phantoms and formed a straight line to block the purple light.

Crack, crack, crack!

The powerful demonic phantoms were instantly penetrated by the purple light.

'It's no use! I can't handle this attack…"

With the demonic phantoms broken, Zen resorted to his flying broken knife. He threw it directly into the light.


The sharp flying knife cut the powerful purple light into two parts.

But it was still useless.

The purple light was cut into two parts but continued to shoot toward Zen.

Without any idea left, Zen chose to evade from the purple light.

The audience was becoming anxious and worried about Zen. They held onto their seats tightly, trying to comprehend what was happening.

"Oh no! Zen can't withstand it!"

"Johanson's desperate! Did he make the attack at the expense of his own life?"

"If it's Johanson's real strength, he can become the Champion of this year's All Peaks Competition! After all, who can really defend and defeat Johanson's attack? Rocher? Patrick? Tracy? Wing? None of them can! No one in this competition can block that attack!"

However, just when everyone thought that Zen would die from the attack, a huge roar sounded not from afar.

"How dare you?"

"How dare you!!!"

The voice echoed through the valleys.

It was like the snoring of an ancient beast from far away!

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