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   Chapter 422 Angry Leader

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Born with innate superhuman strength, Zen had a super strong corporeal body. Even if he were hit by a spiritual weapon, he wouldn't be hurt. No matter how much the other disciples envied him, it didn't matter.

But what if his soul was also that powerful?

That would be totally unfair. Why did God favor Zen that much?

Every warrior had their own special strength and style. Swordsmen were dexterous; blade-men were domineering with destructive power, while assassins had strong hidden abilities, not to mention the ability to kill with a single hit.

Those who claimed they were strong in every skill simply meant that they were weak in every aspect. If you had a lot of different talents, you'd be mediocre, because specialization was the key to success. If you put in a lot of time practicing one skill, your other skills would suffer.

But Zen was an exception. He was perfectly well-rounded.

It was almost an impossible dream. And it was hard to believe it happened to Zen. He was only a boy of seventeen, and he had only achieved the second grade of the nature level!

If people did not believe it, that was understandable. In other words, they admitted that Zen just defeated Johanson in the spirit level, but didn't want to believe that someone of his age was so well-rounded.

Seeing the disbelief on people's faces, the disciple shut his mouth. They didn't want to hear more about it, so he said no more.

But another disciple backed him up. "He's right. Johanson lost to Zen in the soul battle, because he was weaker. I don't know how strong Zen's spirit is, but I'm sure Johanson's spirit is far less powerful. It's easy to tell the powerful from the weak."

The result of spirit competition between two warriors could be easily and immediately determined. And it would hardly change.

Hearing another disciple say the same thing, the rest of the disciples took a deep breath, dumbfounded and lost in silence.

When you're comparing goods, get rid of the poor quality one. When this was applied to people, the poor ones could not survive. The saying was not to judge, but simply to say that a man should be happy with what he already had, and not compare himself to others.

As time slipped by, Zen went from the little disciple of Drizzle Peak that nobody knew to the man with extraordinary talents, a superstar in the All Peaks Competition. He overshadowed the vast majority of the disciples! Now that Zen was a superstar they looked up to, they would never challenge him.

That was how it always was. If someone was a bit better than you, you might challenge him. But if he were much stronger than you and had earned all kinds of accolades, then you'd never think to compete with him.

The image of Zen in their hearts was like an insurmountable mountain, which they would not be able to conquer even if they tried with their whole life.

Kenneth, head of the Cloud Sect, knitted his eyebrows as he watched the fight in the arena.

Based on his strength and judgment, it was easy for him to figure out that the Zen-Johanson fight was risky, so risky that it might result in the death of one or both of them, especially if any of them didn't properly control their strength.

The warriors were not the d

t through a corner, his broken flying knife rushed towards the shadows ahead.

Johanson jumped from a black shadow, his hiding place exposed. Once again, he brandished the snake-shaped sword in his hand, and rushed Zen.

At the sight of the snake-shaped sword, Zen scoffed coldly and directed his broken flying knife to block the attack.


The flying knife and the short sword collided, notching the snake sword.

Both sides of the sword's blade had been cut, weakened. Another direct clash like that would make the sword completely destroyed.

Johanson was experiencing a hardship, but he couldn't complain loudly. Now, he was chased around the ring, Zen's knife nicking him here, slashing his uniform there. He seemed to have performed worse than Zen's previous rivals.

Yet, in fact, he was stronger than Vale and the other disciples, at least better than most personal disciples!

Johanson was at least ranked in the top five disciples of Cloud Sect, possibly even higher.

He was absolutely deadly with his two main tactics, defeating most of his foes easily.

Six months ago, Zen used a spiritual attack together with the broken flying knife and almost killed Vale. And now, Johanson, with the strength of Illuminating Soul Realm, executed two powerful moves, and the results weren't hard to imagine.

His two moves, however, were completely blocked by Zen.

His spiritual attack not only failed to kill Zen, but instead, Zen took control of the situation.

As for Johanson's short sword, well, it was just useless. He had no idea where Zen got his broken flying knife, but even the broken knife was ten times more powerful than his sword!

Johanson really couldn't figure out why he was in such pain now.

As a result, he was desperate and wanted to give up. Moreover, he even had a hunch that if he didn't admit defeat now, Zen would probably kill him.

Just after he was forced out, he again quickly ducked into another shadow. Meanwhile, as he was about to admit defeat, he heard a voice delivered secretly to him by life vitality.

The voice gave him an order, and his expression changed all of sudden.

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