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   Chapter 421 Flying Knife Versus Short Sword! (Part Two)

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In contrast, Johanson had decided to kill Zen. And so, Zen had no scruples anymore!

In fact, Zen had been on his guard for Johanson's killing intent since the very beginning. And Zen could tell that Saint Zara and Saint Viana were behind all this. Nonetheless, he couldn't be sure. Therefore, he would not point it out in front of all the disciples of Cloud Sect as he had no evidence yet.

While keeping a lookout for Johanson, Zen also figured out what he was thinking. If Johanson wanted to have a prolonged tangle with Zen, Zen could do nothing about it.

However, now that Johanson was enraged by his one remark, Zen knew that despite his great power, he was not a very skilled assassin. And that was why Zen just flopped onto the ground and said offensive things that would lead the disciples of Cloud Sect to provoke Johanson further.

As Johanson felt that Zen had blocked his soul attack, his expression changed!

He came to realize that he had made a huge mistake!

'The soul attack of Zen that Vale just described is definitely one of his trump cards!

How can it be? How is it possible? His body is already formidably strong for a man at the second-grade of the nature level, but how can his soul be so tough as well? My soul attack didn't hurt him at all? Is he a human being?'

Just as Johanson was trying to rationalize his opponent's abilities, Zen had launched his counterattack, the Spiritual Thorn.

In an instant, the soul thorn pierced Johanson's brain. Johanson felt a powerful force assault his soul, and the pain caused nearly sent him into a coma.

But compared to Zen's prior opponents, Johanson's performance was fairly great.

As Johanson had been nourishing his soul since childhood, his soul w

before they began to discuss it.

"How risky! I never knew that Zen has a weapon! His weapon is a broken flying knife!"

"That knife is definitely not a normal knife. The snake-shaped short sword that Johanson is holding is a fairy weapon. But when Zen's damaged flying knife clashed into it, the snake-shaped short sword got a dent, while the broken flying knife was still intact. This means the broken flying knife is at a much higher grade than the fairy weapon!"

"Zen is indeed hiding his true potential and his attack strategies. I wonder what else he's got!"

"Humph, you're so ignorant! Let me tell you what else Zen has got. Just now when Zen and Johanson attacked each other with their weapons, they were also engaged in another fight—a battle on the spiritual level. It seems that Johanson lost to Zen, and he suffered from that soul combat."

There was a large assembly of talents at the All Peaks Competition. Although a moment ago Zen and Johanson concluded an attack in just one second, only a handful of people had caught on to what had really happened.


At those words, many disciples showed disbelief on their faces.

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